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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Artistry Hair Professional: Back to natural and healthier hair

My last visit back to Artistry Hair Professional was around 3 months back as I had been busy with exams and changing of new job, etc.
Also been slacking too much that my hair was getting really frail and brittle due to the bleaching done previously. *I bleached my hair 3 times*
What makes me decide to go back and to look for Jerry and get my hair done was when I saw a photo I took with my friend.

Look at the dry ends!
Even though the photo wasn't so clear, you can still can see it and compare with my friend's hair.

I decided to get a darker shade of brown as the colors would fade off rather quickly on bleached hair.
I chose a dark brown with a neutral tone. Darker shades will make my hair look healthier.

I need to get my hair trimmed too.

Oh, a tip to all of you before you get your hair dyed is to not wash it before you visit the salon.
If you wash it the night before then it should be fine, but the longer the better.
This is because sometimes the chemical would hurt your scalp so the oil (and some dirt) will act as a barrier and protect your hair.

Dyeing process took about 45 minutes and next was my all-time favorite ABC Mucota Treatment.
I have been mentioning it all the time in my previous post. Every time I visit the salon I would definitely get it done. You should definitely try it at Headlines by Artistry and you'll never regret it!

Do check out my previous post if you have not!

I got my hair trimmed to slightly longer than my shoulders so it is much more manageable. My hair doesn't tangle as much too, all thanks to the Mucota ABC Treatment.

The ends look much more healthier even though it had been bleached before.





Not so bad right? You don't always need to dye fanciful colors to look good!

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Artistry Hair Professional
10 Anson Road, #03-32
International Plaza S(079903)
Contact: +65 6223 3133
Hair Stylist: Jerry Chua

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:10.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday: 10.30am to 7pm
Public Holiday: 10.30am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed


  1. Wow, your hair treatment really gave you shiny and smooth hair. In fact, i want some treatments too because my hair is so damaged and they really need a protein treatment. Thanks for sharing this wonderful salon discount.

  2. You have a cute face with beautiful hair. I loved your haircut. It's just perfect for your face. The outfit is also good.

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