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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Simpang Bedok

Back when I was having my internship in the east, I often go to Simpang Bedok for lunch as it was pretty near. As I was living it the west, travelling to the east everyday was really a pain in the ass. Thankfully, I had a good boss which is really lenient on me so I passed my internship with flying colors.

Anyway, back to topic. Had my exams at Expo recently so I revisited the Simpang Bedok for lunch and realized that they had renovated the place. It kind of look like a more "atas kopitiam".

I tried out some food from two different stores.
Wagyu Short Rib Skewers and Wagyu Rump
The skewer is really juicy and soft and instantly melts into my mouth. For the price of S$6 per stick I think it is really an affordable and I actually ordered one more stick after that.
The Waygu Rump steak is really tender and flavorful too! Yum yum.
I'm not a big fan of beef but I would recommend to try out these two dishes.

Squid Ink Pasta from Ballistic Meatballs.

Initially I wanted to get the salted egg pasta but they ran out of the salted egg sauce.
The squid ink pasta is really normal. It taste a little like aglio olio and doesn't have much of a taste. I can't really taste much of the squid ink although I feel that they use quite a lot since the pasta is sooooo dark! Like literally black. However the serving of the squid is really generous. They actually gave two big pieces of squid and it is grilled just right. Not too chewy and is really soft when you bite it. I think more improvements can be made on the paste though.

Overall I would say this pasta is a so-so~


  1. I have always been a fervent food fan. This blog therefore appeals a lot to my test, literally speaking. The pictures are really nice. The review of the dish is thorough and well written.

  2. the food looks really appetizing and delicious. my mouth is watering already. also, the place looks peaceful enough to properly enjoy the food. keep us posted with more

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