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Friday, March 4, 2016

Braces free and teeth whitening!


Hello everyone!
If you've been following me on other social media platforms you would've realized that I am finally BRACES FREE!!!

I took the longer route, a total of 3.5 years for my braces due to alignment issues for my jaw.
Not many noticed it but I find it quite noticeable especially in pictures.

I had overcrowding issues on my bottom teeth and most of them are more to the left side so I had to extend my braces for about more than a year.
And nope, I wasn't charge extra for extending my braces but I wouldn't recommend my dentist to you all as he wasn't that good. I had some issues which aren't very nice but overall it was still fine.

When I first took out my braces, I felt like my teeth become so smooth all of a sudden and I kept licking it because it felt so weird. After a few days I kind of got used to it.

When my braces are off, the first thing that comes to my mind was to whiten my teeth. I am quite particular about my teeth and I drink tea quite often so I would get my teeth stained by the tea.
During my braces period, I use a whitening toothpaste to whiten my teeth.

(photo credits to
I was recommended by my friend to try out the Zact Smoker's Toothpaste.
FYI, I am not a smoker but my friend said this works so no harm trying (since nobody said non-smoker can't use it)
Zact Toothpaste comes in another one for tea stains

I have not tried it yet but they probably work the same way I guess?
Do let me know if anyone of you tried this?

The taste for the zact toothpaste is still manageable, and I use it as a daily toothpaste.
No issues with sensitivity and it doesn't give you pure sparkly white teeth, but it will lighter it but a few shades (but still, a little yellow~)

After I've taken off my braces, I use a DIY Whitening Kit called Crest Whitestrips
Crest White Professional Effects
One box comes in 20 pieces.


This is the individual sachets,
The back shows the upper and lower strips and each individual strips has a gel that whitens your teeth.
You stick it to your teeth while avoiding the gums and leave it on for 30 minutes before you peel it off.
To ensure that your teeth is whiten properly, you need to press it tightly for a few seconds and also press in the sides of the teeth.

I would recommend to use it only once a day as I've tried using it twice a day and my teeth got really sensitive that I had to stop using it for a few days before I continue.
During the period of using the strips you might feel a little sensitive which is normal and if it is really bothering you, you can try to use it every alternate day.
I use about 6-7 strips and stopped using as my teeth is not those sparkly white but kind of more like off-white color. The leftover ones I kept it to use it occasionally when I get some tea stains.

Previously I had used the older version of the Professional Effects (before my braces) and it works without giving and sensitivity issues. However they stopped selling it so I tried the new one instead.
If you are worried about the sensitivity, it will last for about a few days so after you stop for a few days the sensitivity will go away.

This was taken after whitening. It may look very white in pictures but in real life it is still okay.
It looks quite white but not very very white. Overall I am still satisfied.

Here is a closeup of my teeth. The shade is kind of off-white.
This is the best my teeth can whiten. I guess this is my natural teeth color.
(Please ignore my retainers Lol)

One bad thing about the strips is because it is in a strip form, if your teeth is not straight (or relatively straight) you might not be able to get to some areas of the teeth that are hidden at the back.

I got the Crest White Strips from online, you can google it as a few places are selling it.
A box cost about SGD$50 (20 sachets)
I don't think they sell it in malls, etc or not that I know of.
FYI, I was not paid for this post.

Hope it helps! :)


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