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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Artistry Hair Professional: Mucota Argan Oil Treatment & Dye

Treatment & Dye
Headed back to Artistry Hair Professional to get my ugly roots touched up and a change of hair color!
Bleaching is taking a toll on my hair so I needed a good treatment as well.

Treatment & Dye

Treatment & Dye
Messy hair and ugly roots.
Look at the contrast!

I needed something that is suitable for work so I've decided to cover up the bleached hair part.
It has been awhile since I had lighter hair color so I've decided to lighten it a little.
I chose a color slightly lighter than my current hair color.

After dyeing, treatment is definitely a MUST to reduce the damage cause by all the harmful chemicals from dyeing, etc..

Mucota ABC Argan Oil Treatment is rated the best treatment for all hair types by me!
I swear by this treatment as it has helped my hair for countless times. Every time I drop by the salon I will definitely get this treatment done!

As you know, Mucota ABC Treatments contains Argan Oil. Argan Oil has several benefits for the hair and most of the products by Mucota contains Argan Oil as the main ingredients.

Below are some of the benefits of Argan Oil for the hair (quoted from my previous post)
1. It helps to hydrate the hair in a natural way, without feeling oily,
2. It helps to penetrate into the hair follicles to enhance elasticity of the hair.
3. It is one of the best treatment for damaged and frizzy hair.
4. Contains natural anti-oxidants to help strengthen the hair.
5. Contains Vitamin E to treat damaged hair and restore the beautiful shine on your hair.

Some people call it Mucota 3-Step Treatment, Mucota 5-Step Treatment, Mucota Argan Oil Treatment, Mucota ABC Treatment

Treatment & Dye

Treatment & Dye

Treatment & Dye
Steaming my hair to absorb the treatment into the hair follicles

Treatment & Dye
I got my hair cut shorter to remove some of the damaged bleached hair.

Final results!
Treatment & Dye

Treatment & Dye
Back view.

Treatment & Dye

Treatment & Dye

Taken by iPhone 6s
Treatment & Dye
This is the first time I've gotten my hair cut this short.
I find myself looking a little more mature with shorter hair plus the lighter hair color.
Nevertheless, I still like this new hairstyle!
It is much easier to maintain and so much easier and fast to dry my hair.
My hair is so much healthier as well!

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Enjoy the following discount rates if you take up a one-time package for
Hair Cut + Color + Mucota ABC Treatment
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Artistry Hair Professional
10 Anson Road, #03-32
International Plaza S(079903)
Contact: +65 6223 3133
Hair Stylist: Jerry Chua

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:10.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday: 10.30am to 7pm
Public Holiday: 10.30am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Friday, March 18, 2016

Shangri La Lobby Court Afternoon Tea

Lobby Court Afternoon Tea
Been awhile since I've been for a afternoon tea session.
Quit my job and officially unemployed now as I've been busy studying for my exams.

I've been quite undisciplined when it comes to studying. Not sure why anybody can sit almost the whole day just to study.

Had a afternoon tea session with K at Shangri-La Lobby Court.
It was kind of an impromptu and other afternoon tea places were either full or closed for reservation.
Shangri La's Rose Veranda high tea is full too so we had no choice but to settle down at Lobby Court.
It is more of a chill out area at the lobby where you can order some finger food, breakfast and afternoon tea set menu.
The place is quite cosy with sofa seats and natural light settings.

Lobby Court Afternoon Tea
English Afternoon Tea set comes with a 3-Tier English Afternoon Set.
It comes with savory and sweet treats and tea of your choice.
The English Afternoon Set is S$36 per set.

The theme was Alice in the Wonderland, and there's some cakes that has the design on it.
Kinda cute.

The menu was slightly different from what I saw from other reviews so I guess they do change their menu once in awhile.
I was kind of disappointed that they gave the bread (middle tier) instead of scones and I don't really like it.
I only enjoyed the sandwiches on the first tier and the rest are a no-no.

Lobby Court Afternoon Tea
K ordered some burger instead as he doesn't like sweet stuff.

Would I revisit? Maybe not.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Braces free and teeth whitening!


Hello everyone!
If you've been following me on other social media platforms you would've realized that I am finally BRACES FREE!!!

I took the longer route, a total of 3.5 years for my braces due to alignment issues for my jaw.
Not many noticed it but I find it quite noticeable especially in pictures.

I had overcrowding issues on my bottom teeth and most of them are more to the left side so I had to extend my braces for about more than a year.
And nope, I wasn't charge extra for extending my braces but I wouldn't recommend my dentist to you all as he wasn't that good. I had some issues which aren't very nice but overall it was still fine.

When I first took out my braces, I felt like my teeth become so smooth all of a sudden and I kept licking it because it felt so weird. After a few days I kind of got used to it.

When my braces are off, the first thing that comes to my mind was to whiten my teeth. I am quite particular about my teeth and I drink tea quite often so I would get my teeth stained by the tea.
During my braces period, I use a whitening toothpaste to whiten my teeth.

(photo credits to
I was recommended by my friend to try out the Zact Smoker's Toothpaste.
FYI, I am not a smoker but my friend said this works so no harm trying (since nobody said non-smoker can't use it)
Zact Toothpaste comes in another one for tea stains

I have not tried it yet but they probably work the same way I guess?
Do let me know if anyone of you tried this?

The taste for the zact toothpaste is still manageable, and I use it as a daily toothpaste.
No issues with sensitivity and it doesn't give you pure sparkly white teeth, but it will lighter it but a few shades (but still, a little yellow~)

After I've taken off my braces, I use a DIY Whitening Kit called Crest Whitestrips
Crest White Professional Effects
One box comes in 20 pieces.


This is the individual sachets,
The back shows the upper and lower strips and each individual strips has a gel that whitens your teeth.
You stick it to your teeth while avoiding the gums and leave it on for 30 minutes before you peel it off.
To ensure that your teeth is whiten properly, you need to press it tightly for a few seconds and also press in the sides of the teeth.

I would recommend to use it only once a day as I've tried using it twice a day and my teeth got really sensitive that I had to stop using it for a few days before I continue.
During the period of using the strips you might feel a little sensitive which is normal and if it is really bothering you, you can try to use it every alternate day.
I use about 6-7 strips and stopped using as my teeth is not those sparkly white but kind of more like off-white color. The leftover ones I kept it to use it occasionally when I get some tea stains.

Previously I had used the older version of the Professional Effects (before my braces) and it works without giving and sensitivity issues. However they stopped selling it so I tried the new one instead.
If you are worried about the sensitivity, it will last for about a few days so after you stop for a few days the sensitivity will go away.

This was taken after whitening. It may look very white in pictures but in real life it is still okay.
It looks quite white but not very very white. Overall I am still satisfied.

Here is a closeup of my teeth. The shade is kind of off-white.
This is the best my teeth can whiten. I guess this is my natural teeth color.
(Please ignore my retainers Lol)

One bad thing about the strips is because it is in a strip form, if your teeth is not straight (or relatively straight) you might not be able to get to some areas of the teeth that are hidden at the back.

I got the Crest White Strips from online, you can google it as a few places are selling it.
A box cost about SGD$50 (20 sachets)
I don't think they sell it in malls, etc or not that I know of.
FYI, I was not paid for this post.

Hope it helps! :)