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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Artistry Hair Professional: Purple Highlights

Previously I had ash grey highlights underneath by hair but the color faded off rather quickly.
This time round I wanted a change to make my color pop and at the same time a change for CNY!

I chose the color purplish pink (or do you call it Fuchsia?)
I left the top color unchanged but I bleach my hair once more to achieve the pink color.

Purple Highlights

Purple Highlights
The ash grey part underneath.
I think it looks kind of like olive in color.

Purple Highlights
Bleach my hair to a lighter shade and time to color my hair!

It took about 3 hours in total including treatment.
The treatment I did was the all-time favourite Mucota 3-Step Treatment.
The Mucota 3-Step Treatment (Also known as ABC Treatment) contains Argan Oil which helps to repair damaged hair and lock in moisture to prevent frizz.
The results will still last even after you wash your hair!

Here's the end product!
Purple Highlights
You can only see a hint of pink underneath the hair, so it is still acceptable for work!

Purple Highlights

Purple Highlights
Close up.
I feel that the color is not too bright like hot pink.
It is more subtle and blends in well with my brown hair color.

Purple Highlights
You can choose to show it by tying up your hair or hide it by putting your hair to the back.
It is totally versatile and doesn't stand out too much!

Purple Highlights

Purple Highlights
Loving my new hair color right now!
This is probably my favorite hair color now.

Haven't got your hair done for Chinese New Year?
Book your appointment with Jerry now!
If you want to get this hair color, simply show the pictures above to my hairstylist and he'll get it done for you!

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  1. Now you can change your personality in a short span of time by dyeing your hair that will enable to feel much more younger and give a new look. I like brown color and use the same while dyeing my hair.