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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Artistry Hair Professional: Ash Grey Highlights for 2016!

Ash Grey Under
My hair was getting a little boring so I wanted a change. Not a major one as I work in a office environment where I can't dye crazy colors on my hair so I thought of highlight my hair.
I asked my hairstylist Jerry what color should I get and he recommended Ash Grey as it has been becoming a trend lately.

Ash Grey Under
First, I got my hair trimmed to remove all those damaged hair at the bottom.

Ash Grey Under
This is probably the shortest length I ever have :X

Next is highlights!
To get ash grey, I will have to bleach my hair to remove the color before I can get the grey onto my hair.
Ash Grey Under
I highlighted the lower half of my hair and maintained the same color so it is more subtle.
I had my hair bleached twice and it took about 2 hours.

Next is coloring!
Ash Grey Under
Taken during the process of coloring.
Took about slightly less than an hour to color the hair.

Ash Grey Under
Overall it took around 4 hours including my favourite ABC 3-Step Mucota Argan Oil Treatment.

Here's the results!
Depending on how you style the hair, you can actually show/hide the highlights however you want.
Ash Grey Under
From the back it isn't that obvious, like a hint of grey tone inside the hair so overall it is still acceptable for work.

Ash Grey Under
This is how it looks like when it's tied up!

Ash Grey Under
From the sides.

Ash Grey Under

Ash Grey Highlight
Minor changes makes a lot of difference!

Ash Grey Under
Photo with my Hairstylist, Jerry Chua!

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