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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Things to note before Laser Hair Removal

Hey everyone!

Recently I've realized that more and more ladies are getting Laser Hair Removal Treatments such as IPL done. I find that the procedure itself is relatively easy and safe, thanks for modern technological advances. You can get it done pretty quickly, from 30 minutes to an hour or so, and return back to your usual daily routine. However, those sessions are still medical procedures. Whenever you are having something medical done to your body, it's better not to take anything for granted. Instead, you should know all the facts before considering for such treatments. Here are some things that you need to be aware of before trying out these treatments.

How Laser Treatments Compare to Other Methods?
It might seem counter productive to go all the way to a clinic to have your unwanted hair removed, but removing body hair by yourself at home can be tedious, especially if you find yourself waxing or shaving more than once a week. When you have a clinical treatment with a laser device, the hair is likely to take much longer to grow back, since even the roots will be targeted.

Some people opt to have unwanted body hair removed with electrolysis, but electrolysis is more painful. It can also be more limited as far as which parts of your body can be treated. Laser machines can treat almost any unwanted body hair.

There May Be Some Side Effects from the Process
Although you shouldn't have much pain from this type of body hair remedy, minor side effects could emerge after the fact. Those issues could include skin that is slightly swollen or red for a short period of time. That should go away within a day or so. Beyond that, there aren't many things to worry about, except for potential blisters.

The good news is that blisters are very rare because they usually occur when a person has the wrong type of procedure for their skin type, or when they don't follow instructions prior to the procedure. However, any reputable clinic won't perform a procedure if they think it's wrong for you. They will also give you detailed pre-procedure instructions, such as not using perfumes or oils on your skin before your appointment. Anything applied to the skin can be heated up by the lasers and cause burns and blisters.

Certain Treatments Are Not Healthy for Dark Skin
The thing you have to be aware of is that not all treatments are healthy, especially for dark skin. Each laser device is geared toward treating specific skin types, as well as specific hair types. Typically, dark-skinned people can experience problems when they are treated by certain types of cosmetic machines. That's because those machines and therapies can cause changes in the color of their skin, leaving them with a patchy appearance in the treated area.

Some Lasers Can Treat Darker Skin
If you have dark skin, don't give up on laser hair removal just yet. There have been advances in the technology. These days, you can find clinics that have machines suitable for treating darker skin. So, you can experience similar results to those that light-skinned people usually experience. You will just need to do some more extensive research to find the right type of device at a clinic in your area.

Personally for myself, I do get these treatments done as I find that it saves quite a bit of time for me and it feels neater and cleaner. After weighing the pros and cons, ultimately it it up to you to decide if you want to get these treatments done but it is better to go to a well-known clinic to be more safe.
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