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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DYNA Mucota Argan Oil Hair Straightening by Artistry Hair Professional

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening
Finally time for some changes to my hair!

Have been really hardworking in maintaining my permed hair for the past few months. However, it can be quite damaging to blow and curl my hair almost everyday.

My hair became really dry and hair started to fall more often so I had to get some treatment done! I went back to look for Jerry, my hairstylist from Artistry Hair Professional and decided to get the DYNA treatment done.

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening
My hair is really long now!
Anyway this is a before photo and my hair is really dry and damaged as you can see.
It is really hard to maintain especially when it is dry, my hair breaks very often so a lot of my hair falls out after every wash.

There are two types of DYNA treatment: One for straightening and one for perming. I'll be doing the straightening one today. DYNA Argan Oil Treatment has been very popular since a few years back because they are able to treat damaged hair while getting the style you want.
It is like 2-in-1 treatment where I get treat my dry and damaged hair and at the same time straighten it! It is less damaging as compared to rebonding since it is a treatment so you don't have to get a separate treatment unlike when you're rebonding your hair.
The price are roughly about the same so why not choose the healthier and better option? :)

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening
DYNA Treatment consist of 3 steps:
First Treatment Cream
After Treatment Cream

For the first treatment cream, there are 3 different types (CCA,CAT, CA) and the hairstylist will choose a suitable treatment cream based on your hair type.
Second step would be to use the flat iron to straighten the hair.
Lastly the After Treatment Cream to lock in moisture and put the hair into place.

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Treatment helps to reduce frizzy hair and makes the hair straighter at the same time.
Most importantly, it DOES NOT contain Formaldehyde, unlike other treatments.
Formaldehyde is very harmful to us and high exposure to this toxic may affect our immune system (e.g. coughing, chest pain, throat irritation, etc.)

The whole treatment took about 4 hours and here's the end results!
DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

As my hair is not very curly, Jerry did not straighten all the way from the top at my hair would be very flat. You can see there is still a little volume on top.

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

DYNA Argan Oil Straightening

Totally love how easy it is to manage my hair now.
It doesn't tangle and hair fall is greatly reduced!

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Do call up the salon and look for Jerry Chua to check for more details!

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