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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trip to Hong Kong: Part 1.

Back in February I went for a trip to Hong Kong for a private event with Mr. Ming and friends.
This post will be mainly about Food and I'll separate another post for activities.
(Okay, I know it's really outdated, but.. yeah~ ;P)

We took a really early flight and took a bus from the airport to somewhere near our hotel.
The weird thing about Hong Kong is their train service is really expensive and long to travel to our hotel and taxis don't usually cross the sea so we took a bus instead.

After we alighted we thought we could walk there since the maps said so but NO! It took us so long and we're lugging our luggage through the uneven roads. Lol.

While walking, Mr Ming spotted a old Hong Kong Tea House that was used to film one of the old Hong Kong drama so we decided to stop by for breakfast.

Don't they look delicious?! 
Even in winter, their egg tarts are always served hot and the crust are cripsy! One of the best egg tarts I've eaten.

Was so stupid that day because I did not insert a memory card into my camera so these pictures are taken from Fidelis. :P
We ate there twice so I'm gonna put it all together.


Hong Kong Milk Tea.
The best that I've tried because the taste of the tea is very rich and yummy! Totally missed the taste of it ):

The Legendary Bo Lo You (Or Bo Lo Bao/Bun)
It's so yummy and Singapore's Bo Lo You can't even compare!
The second time we ate this we asked them to add in egg.
So yummyyyyyy!!

We thought Hong Kong Tea House would sell those fried maggie noodles so we asked them and they say they don't, BUT they still made it for us!
This is a little salty but still really yummy!

We filled our stomachs to the fullest and headed to our Hotel to check-in.
We stayed at Dorsett Mongkok.

Good thing is the hotel provide each room with a cell phone that is able to call to certain countries for free. The hotel don't provide Wi-fi but you can connect it through the phone's hotspot.
Bad thing is, as you can see, it is really small ): There is no bathtub and the whole room is just so small. 

Second day's breakfast was simple.
You tiao (Oil sticks) and Soya Milk. The You tiao are very crispy and yummy!
We had this almost everyday when we had our event because it was near our hotel and we had to rush over for our event early in the morning. Haha~
Their food is best to be eaten at the restaurant because we try to pack it and the soya milk had a little weird taste.

Abalone noodle. Kind of plain so I don't really like it.

Third day's breakfast was at a nearby mall. We had to choose between a cheaper dimsum restaurant and a slightly more expensive one. Guess what? We chose the expensive one and it was a really bad choice!!

We ordered a lot, more than what we could eat as you can see because we were given a list to tick so we accidentally tick too much. Kind of regretted it because it wasn't nice and it was expensive!
So we've come to a conclusion that expensive food may not be necessarily nice~ *remember*

One of our dinner was at Itacho Sushi.

Itacho Sushi Restaurant is also available in Singapore but in Hong Kong there is more variety of sushi available.

Before I end off, I tried out Honey Granny Ice cream!

Looks similar to Honey Creme in Singapore but this is so yummy!
It has a very rich milky taste which is my favourite and is 100 times better than Honey Creme.
Honey Creme has a weird metal taste and I think McDonald's Ice Cream taste even better.
Definitely try this out (It's in Mongkok, but I can't remember the exact place)

Till then~

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