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Monday, April 20, 2015

Chotto Matte

Had cravings for Japanese food so I searched Burpple and found a restaurant called "Chotto Matte"
I think that app is seriously amazing! I can totally find all my cravings inside there and it's like an instagram for food. Haha.

Mr. Ming and I went over for dinner. It was quite a small restaurant located at some "ulu" place.
We took the outside seats instead.

Like literally beside the road as you can see. Haha

We asked for some recommendations from the chef as we were not sure what to order.
While waiting, let's take a selfie. Oops :P

Sashimi Platter. Customized mixed platter by the chef.

The sashimi are so fresh and juicy!

Pork Belly (I think?)
Not bad though.

King Oyster Mushroom. Very chewy and juicy!

Main course.
Chargrill Kurobuta with Horenso Sauce
This is really good! Dipped in a special sauce which I'm not sure what is that.
It taste like a lighter and sweet version of satay sauce.
Must try this dish!

Angel's Hair with Seaweed, Uni and Deep Fried Sakura Ebi
This is quite spicy and taste more like a western dish.
The baby shrimps are all over the pasta, like 30% baby shrimps and 70% pasta. 

The services were great, the staff are very friendly and approachable but the location might not be that accessible.
Price wised is considered quite expensive however the quality of food is superb.
Our total bill was about $230 (include GST and service charge)
Previously I had a review on Kudeta's dinner menu and I would say this is much more worth it to dine here than at Kudeta. Just that the drawback is the location, and the restaurant is quite small itself.
I would consider to come back but not so often as the price is a little steep,

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