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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Birthday Dinner at Kudeta

Celebrated my birthday at Kudeta, with just a simple dinner with Bf Ming :)
Since it was our first time there, we asked the staff to recommend us some dishes.

Here's what we ordered.
Half Dozen Oysters on Ice 

It's so yummy!

Cripsy-sticky Baby Squid
This is too chewy especially for me since I have braces.

Salmon Sashimi

Spicy Fried Mushrooms
This is really yummy.

Seared Salmon Black Pepper Coated 

Grilled Baby Chicken Teriyaki 

The mains are cold dishes, (not really cold, but it is not hot) and we're not used to it so we did not managed to finish it.

Next was desserts! It was getting dark and the restaurants do not have much lighting so they use a mini light for us to look at the menu

Not a really good idea as I had astigmatism so it kind of hurts my eyes ):

We managed to ordered two desserts,

Coconut-Pandan Verrine
The foam is actually pandan and it taste so yummy! It comes with a coconut ice cream and the yellow thing as the bottom is really sour ~.~

Chocolate Fondant.
Didn't know that Mr. Ming went to ask the person to do this. :)

Both of the desserts are so yummy. Totally love simple birthday dinners instead of a huge celebration.
Never really celebrated my birthday except for my 21st last year as I find it quite a hassle to organize one.

Would I re-visit Kudeta again? Maybe not.
There is a minimum spending requirement of SGD$80 per pax for dinner which I find that the food aren't that worth the price.
However I might visit that place to chill out and have some drinks at the bar as the place has a great view. 

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