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Monday, April 13, 2015

Atlas Medical by DR. SM Yuen: Revlite Laser Toning

Back for my treatment a week after my consulation.

Been awhile since I went for my last laser treatment so I'm pretty excited ;)
Do follow me through my treatments by checking my blog more often!

First I had my face cleanse to remove all makeup (except for my eyes) before proceeding for the laser treatment.
They will be doing the Laser Toning using a machine called the RevLite.
RevLite laser has multiple uses such as for skin toning, treating of pigmentation and even tattoo removal.
What is good about RevLite Laser is that there is no downtime for most of the treatments so you can get back to work/shopping or whatever activities as per normal. 

A picture before the treatment.
You can see I have some freckles on my face which I am quite unhappy about.
Front view.
My skin looks dull too. No radiance/glowy skin ):

Dr. Yuen attended various Korean trainings and skills to suit Asian’s skin. He always put patient’s safety as the priority and treats the patient according to their needs.
It is much better as the treatments are customized based on each individual patient as everyone has different types of skin and problems.

The treatment took about 20 minutes. It has been about a year since I went back for my last treatment so Dr. Yuen used a lower setting for my skin to get used to the laser.
It was a little painful but still bearable for me.

Pictures after the treatment.

My skin looks brighter overall and with constant treatments, my skin will get fairer, pores tighten and reduce pigmentation

Was given two medicated creams to treat my pigmentation and dull skin.

The creams given are personalized for each individual with medical grade active ingredients so the intensity is much higher which you can only get it from their clinic itself.

Gentle Skin Lightening Cream.
To apply a thin layer to the whole face in the morning and at night. It helps to lighten dull skin to improve overall complexion.

Melasma Treatment Cream.
This is to treat my pigmentation and it has to be refrigerated.
This cream is only use to apply areas with pigmentation/freckles as it has a higher prescription to target problem areas. Not to be applied on pimples, etc.

Follow me through my treatments with Atlas Medical Aesthetic Clinic!

Atlas Medical is offering special rates for their products and services to my readers by simply quoting my name "Jasmine Ong".
Do contact them for more details!

391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #24-08/10
Singapore 238874
Tel. : (65) 6556 0829
Fax : (65) 6734 9685

Opening Hours
Mon - Friday: 10:00am to 8.30pm
Sat: 10:00am to 3.30pm 
Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

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