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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Leviva Luckystone

Have been looking around for bracelets recently and I was introduced to an online store called Leviva Luckystone

Leviva specialized in customized bracelets which are made of stone beads. They have a large variety of stones to choose from which ranges from different color to different quality of stones. 

I saw the pastel pink ones online and it's so pretty so I got one customized for myself. The results turned out to be so preeeeeeettyyy!!
Isn't it ? 

Here's a closeup picture.

Totally in love with the bracelet. Looks so pinky girly~ Weee~~

What is special about Leviva is that you can customize how you would like it to be and choose the quality of the stones.
You can also choose your pendants or even bring your own favourite charms to add along to your bracelet! They have quite a variety of pendants for you to choose from. 
Of course there are a few standard pieces and some of them are just so pretty!!

Here are some designs that I like
(Pictures gotten from their Facebook page)
Some of these pictures are actually from customers' customization.

This looks yummy! Nomnomnom... 

Oh wait, these bracelets are not just for ladies, there are designs of guys too! Guys can also customize your favorite pieces!

Did I mentioned that there are different meanings for each stones?

For my bracelet, they are rose quartz stones which means "unconventional love". It gives hearts to all kind of love (love for self, families, friends, relationships, etc). It helps balance emotions, lowering stress, bring peace and release all the negative emotions to allow the heart to heal.

Leviva is currently having a promotion for my readers! Yay! :)
Get your bracelets now at 10% discount off by quoting "Jasmine Ong

More details can be found at their Facebook Page at Leviva LuckyStone (Link below)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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