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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bangkok Trip

Hey everyone! It's been awhile.
Took me so long to draft out this post as it has been a very busy year for me!

Celebrated New Year's countdown in Bangkok with my friends !
It was my virgin trip to Bangkok (or Thailand) actually. Haha

Since it's New Year's Eve so I only worked for half a day, I went straight to the airport after work to walk around! :)

It was kind of a shopping trip rather than a New Year Celebration and I actually forgot about the new year part till I was told. Lol. Blur me~

We reach at night and rush back to the hotel to quickly wash up.
We stayed at Amanta Hotel and Residences. One part is used as a hotel and another part is for residents, so as the name says.. Lol.


It is pretty spacious, and has all the facilities such as washing machine, kitchen, etc. although we didn't get to use those.


Did I mention the bathroom is huge?!



Not to forget the bedroom.
As comfy as it looks. :)

We rushed off to celebrate the New Year at a restaurant in a hotel (can't remember the name)

No pictures, only a selfie~ Oops! Sorry~

Oh, and at wee hours we were watching people dancing.

Sorry if it spoiled your breakfast/lunch/dinner :X
That was.... errr.... is that a girl or a guy? There seems to be a lot of people very hyped up about them and keep stuffing notes into their dresses.

Started our second day at "After You" Cafe, located at J-Avenue.
Do check out that area as there are quite a few cafes out there!

The Menu.

These are what we ordered.
Original Mille Crepe

Matcha Latte

Vanilla Latte

French Toast with Ice-cream

Banana Pancake.
I thought this was pancake served with banana but they actually made the pancakes using the bananas.

The food are really yummy and we couldn't finish it but the matcha latte is a little too sweet to my liking. The cafe is quite small but quite cosy and clean. Price wise is a little pricey for a cafe in Thailand so I might consider again if I would come. Maybe yes, but not so often.

Went walking around malls nearby our hotel and headed back to rest for awhile.
Prepared ourselves and went out for dinner.

Visited a temple after dinner. Seems like a popular one as there were quite many people.

Next stop, Lebua!
Seems to be one of the popular attractions. A lot of Caucasian gathered to enjoy the view from the restaurant.
It was quite impressive actually.
Tried out many different kinds of stinky cheese!

Oh, in case you want to visit this place, there is a dress code for this restaurant so do take note!

Day 3, time for shopping!
Went to Chatuchak and bought lots of clothes!

Coconut Ice-Cream. Must try!!! Totally love it even though I don't really like to eat coconut.
This is really awesome.

Garlic Bread, Condensed Milk Bread and Sugar Bread. Really yummy!!
Do try their orange juice too!!

Bought quite a few clothes back from Bangkok but I kind of regretted it.
The people in Thailand are more petite size as compared to Singapore so I couldn't fit in some of the clothes and the dresses are tad small so I had to give away some ):
Oh in case you're wondering, you can't try the sizes in the store and it will be quite troublesome to try to find a toilet so usually people would buy and go.

I would recommend you guys to shop at Platinum mall as the quality of the clothes are better than Chatuchak though you have to pay a little more but you pay for what you get!
It cost about 100-150 baht which is around SGD$4-6 which is really really cheap!
Not sure about the authenticity but it works fine for me.
 Can't remember if they have the scratch off authenticity code or not.

Would definitely go back to shop for more clothes since everything is so much cheaper there and you can get some really good clothes (good material and design!) at relatively cheaper prices!

However it seems to be quite unstable as I've heard a bomb set off at one of the malls in Bangkok.

Till then.

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