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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beauty Masks from Qoo10!

Little update: There are some problems with my images, not sure why they aren't showing so I'll re-upload them one by one. Kind of tedious so please be patient!

Have been trying out some new masks I bought online, from Qoo10 (used to be called Gmarket Singapore) and the products are pretty good!

Longjing Essence Maccha Green Mud,

It is a mud mask which does not harden full when it dries so you will have to wash it off.

As the name say, it's "Maccha" which means Green Tea so the color would be green!

It does look funny when you apply it.

I use a wooden spoon given with the mask to apply a thin coating and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes for it to dry. It looks matte when it's dried so you will know when it's time to wash it!
Basically it helps with oil control, shrink pores and deep cleanse the pores. Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and protect the skin from free radicals.

I have been using it for quite a few times now and I feel that my skin is really smooth and clean after using the mask. Not sure if it's my perception or if it really is clean. Haha!!
It doesn't last that long so I will have to use it frequently.
I did not break out from using this product so I am quite satisfied with it.
Oh, one bad thing is it gets a little messy when washing, especially when your hair sticks to the product! );

Price wise, I think I got it around 20 bucks. Still quite reasonable for me.

Rate: 8.5/10

Sexy Look Strawberry Pore Mask

The product have been around for quite some time but didn't have the chance to try till now! If you've read my previous review for Hanaka Pore Mask, you will know why!

Bought it around 20 bucks and now it's selling at a cheaper price with discount -_-lll

It comes with a set of 3.
1. Deep Sebum Softener
2. Sebum Purifying Mask
3. Pore Treatment Essence

No. 1 help softens the black heads and area around the pores for the mask to help grab them!
You will need to apply it after cleansing the face and massage the area for about 2-3 minutes.

IMPORTANT: Gently wash off but DO NOT PAT DRY. Just rub the area with water and apply No. 2. I apply it in circular motion, like cleansing my face and slowly add more layers.
It is more effective this way. Tested and proven!

Before using this product, I read online reviews that it is very effective in extracting black heads off and the results are very gross!! Like the mask is filled with all the black heads.

This time round I will test it to see if it's true.

First try.

Nope. It doesn't work.
Note: I wash off No. 1 and pat dry before applying the mask.

Tried a few more times and it doesn't work, so I went to research online.
It states that I MUST NOT wash off No. 1, more like adding water to it and apply with the mask.

Second Method.
*Beware it's gross*

It works!!
Should definitely try it if you have "strawberry nose". Opps!

After you're done peeling it, remember to apply No. 3 and it's done!

Rating: 9.5/10!!!
-0.5 as it kind of hurts but still kind of bearable.

Oh and before I end, there's actually a website that provides various offers from different retailers such as Qoo10, Zalora, Agoda, etc.

They have all kinds of coupons to cater to different people such as beauty, fashion, electronics and even travel. Do take a look at their website, you might be able to find some useful ones!

Hope it helps!


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