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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Opus 2 Jay's World Tour

Hello everyone!
Did anyone went for Jay's World Tour Concert yesterday at Singapore Sports Hub?

It was really really crowded! Look at the crowd.

It was drizzling around evening when we were trying to get into the stadium.
The car park was all full and we didn't know that we could "buy" a carpark lot together with the tickets as we gotten the tickets for free. We had to park at Kallang Leisure Park and walk over to the stadium.

The concert started awhile after we got in.
It was actually my first time going to Jay's concert and it was quite awesome!! With all the graphics they used and all.
Maybe because it was my first time seeing it. Haha.
Didn't took much pictures since I was too engrossed with the concert. Lol

When the concert was about to end, the rain started pouring and the stadium started to leak!!
I was the unlucky one to got it all over my seats so I had to stand at the stairs to watch the concert. Wth was that?!
I'm sure I'm not the only one that complain about it. -.- TOTALLY TERRIBLE!!!

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable day for me.