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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BottomSlim Slimming Treatments Review

Hey everyone

I always have some concerns about my body although they are not so serious. 
It seems that the fats on my body doesn't seem to distribute equally even though my weight is within the BMI. Haha.

Okay, so my problem is my tummy. I have a lower bulging tummy that doesn't seem to go away and it's getting more and more serious these days. Problem because I started working and most of the time I'm actually sitting in front of my desk.

Do you have a similar problem like I do?
So recently I visited Bottom Slim to try out their slimming treatments.

Bottom Slim basically cater to your concerns by asking you to fill up some questionnaires to get to know more about your diet and health and which areas you are concerned with.

They would analyze what is your concern and recommend suitable treatments for you.
As each individual has different needs, they would customize the treatments to cater to your needs.

Before they start with any treatments, let's get changed!
Got changed and they took down my body measurements from waist all the way to your calves.

For my case, I will be doing 3 different treatments.
1. BottomTrim Therapy
2. Lazer Lipo Fat Loss Treatment
3. Slender Lite Therapy

BottomTrim Therapy
BottomTrim is a non-invasive sculpting treatment which effectively breaks down and soften stubborn fats accumulated overtime to regain more defined curves of your lower body. It can also help to sculpt your lower body shape and at the same time boost circulation to help in lymphatic drainage. Witness instant results of a curvier waistline and leaner thighs/perkier buttocks in just one session.

Benefits of BottomTrim Therapy:
1. Breaks down accumulated stubborn fats in areas difficult to lose
2. Improves overall blood circulation
3. Eliminates toxins
4. Liquefy fats
5. Firms up and shapes lower body for better definition
6. Smooth lumpy areas
7. Reduces cellulite appearance

This treatment is suitable for ladies who seldom exercise/walk, spend long hours sitting, have stubborn bulges around lower body and have cellulite appearance. 

For the BottomTrim therapy I would say it hurts a lot, those traditional cupping treatments or Diamond Peel facial treatment (if you've heard of) due to the suction, except it's on the body instead.
Pain factor wise I would rate it about 8-9/10. The pain did went off quickly after about 2-3 minutes as the body will slowly get used to it so I believe it will not be so painful after a few more sessions.

Each side of the tummy will take about 10 minutes for the therapy.
On the left side it was a little red after the treatment and you can see that there is more curve on the left waist area than the right side.

Lazer Lipo Fat Loss Treatment
A revolutionary and painless technology, the Lazer Lipo Fat Loss Therapy utilizes cold laser technology to reduce fat accumulation and promote spot reduction. This technology is able to penetrate the skin at a wavelength of 650nm to target the body’s adipose tissue, releasing free fatty acids, water and glycerol. Visible inches loss is achieved when these adipose cells are shrunk in size.
The pads are actually placed on my tummy and thigh area.

This treatment was very relaxing as it doesn't feel hot or anything when the pads are being placed. I almost fell asleep during this time.

Slender Lite Therapy

This treatment uses a Fat Burning Mask which helps to soften fat cells and speed up the slimming

Benefits of this treatment:
1. Improves tone, appearance and texture of skin
2. Boosts fat burning for easier expulsion
3. Reduces development of cellulite that cause sagging skin
4. Shapes, tightens and firms your lower body
5. Reduces stretch marks and restores skin elasticity
6. Advance lymphatic drainage and improves bloody circulation
7. Aids in detoxification
8. Makes body more sculpted and proportionate

A red light is used to shine on your tummy to heat up your body and helps to burn the fat cells.
The mask is very very cooling and I would say it doesn't feel uncomfortable only a little bit of heat on your body.

The whole treatment and consultation took around 2 hours.
1st hour for consultant and 20 minutes for each treatment.

We did another round of measurements and I've actually lost 7cm in total in just 1 session!
I felt that my waist is a little curvier and hip areas are slight smaller as well.
Although the difference might not be so big, I believed by doing a few more treatments you can definitely see the difference!

This is an illustration that they made for me based on my measurements lost.
You can see my problem area is actually my lower tummy area which they focused on during the treatment. Therefore it is a huge difference as compare to the other areas.

Pre-Xmas Celebration!
BottomSlim is giving away 5 Sponsored BottomTrim sessions + Dual Trim Slimming Kit worth $858 to 10 lucky readers!
Simply tell us how your lower body concerns have affected you in your daily life.
The reader with the most significant results will win a sponsored slimming course worth $6888 + shopping vouchers worth $200!

To participate, do fill up the embed form below:

BottomSlim has a total of 6 different outlets in Singapore:

Ngee Ann City
391B Orchard Road #05-18 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #B2-33, Singapore 208539

Square 2 (Novena)
10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19 Novena Square 2, Singapore 307506

Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road #02-67, Singapore 449269

Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central #03-31, Singapore 556083

Jurong East
Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road #01-311 Unit 3, Singapore 600134

Good luck!


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