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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Relic - Halloween at Scape!

Went to The Relic for Halloween at Scape last week!
It is easy to spot as they actually have an Annabelle doll outside the theater.

It is the real doll from the movie (And yes, I know the real doll doesn't look like this)
They flew it from the U.S specially for this event.

Here's a selfie with her. :)

I went there with Sujun, Kife and his friend Lynde and we went in as a group.

The haunted house is relatively small due to the space constraint however I would say the concept is quite interesting. They made use of 3D effects to make it look very foggy and spooky.
They do have the Annabelle theme inside too so if you're interested then go for it.

Scary factor is not very scary (for me) because I'm not the kind of person that will get freaked out easily. However for Sujun and Lynde, they were quite scared the whole time and didn't dare to wear the 3D glasses. Haha

Anyway, if you're keen to go for this event, do remember to quote "JASMINE" to get 25% off the tickets :)

Happy Halloween!

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