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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Job, New Environment!

Hey everyone! 
If you've been following my Twitter or Facebook, you've known that I've actually change a new job!

It's not that my previous job is bad or what but just that I needed to get some time off that excessively OT which isn't going to be of much help for my school.

Oh and you know that I just started studying right? No? Haha
Yup, I will be studying part-time as I'm currently working full time! Such a busy and tiring schedule that I have. ): Anyway, work has been pretty busy since I started. Got to learn a lot of stuff which is totally different from my previous job. My colleagues are all quite friendly too! :)

Have also been neglecting my blog for awhile due to a major change in my lifestyle so now I'm pretty much done with adjusting my life so I'm back!

Will try to update more often every now and then.

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