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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beauty treatments at Mary Chia & Oriental Spa Chamber

Hello everyone.
Was invited to try out Mary Chia's beauty treatments last week.
Mary Chia Holdings actually owns a few beauty salon which specializes in beauty & slimming treatments.

I tried 2 different treatments;
1. Coffee Detox Drainage Therapy at Mary Chia
2. Red Ginseng Guasha Facial at Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber.

Mary Chia
I went to the NEX outlet for Mary Chia.

When I reached there, I was approached by one of the beautician and led to their consultation room.
They took some details about me, mainly about my diet and daily activities, etc.

I then proceed to take my measurements before the Coffee Detox Therapy.

Oh, Mary Chia salon does provide nail services too.

Coffee Detox Therapy is a slimming body scrub made from quality Arabica coffee seeds. The scrub is applied on full body, followed by hot blanket therapy. It helps with body detoxification and improves blood circulation.

I felt really hot during the treatment as the blanket was heated up and I was wrapped up so I couldn't move much. It made me perspire quite a bit which was a little uncomfortable so for ladies, please avoid putting makeup if possible!

After the treatment, I went for a quick shower to rinse off all the coffee scrub off my body. It made me feel really refreshed. My skin was a little red due to blood circulation but it went off after a while.

I went to take my weight measurements again, and it did lose some weight off but it is minimal. I believed that with more treatments, it will definitely shed off some pounds. 
Not to mention, it helps with detox and enhance blood circulation.

Usual Price for this treatment is $185.

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber
It is located in Porcelain Hotel, about 5 minutes walk from Chinatown MRT.
The Oriental Spa Chamber has a traditional oriental setting to it

The Royal Indulgent Red Ginseng Lifting Facial uses the traditional Guasha treatment to helps the body's blood flow circulation. Using special Guasha facial massage techniques, it enhances the skin’s ability to absorb skincare products, as well as promote overall lifting and firming. 
It is ideal for those with dull, tired-looking and/or sagging skin and suitable for all skin types.

The treatment was about 90 minutes and as you know, Guasha treatments are usually not so comfortable.
It started off with a full back Guasha, which uses the cupping method and drag across your back.
It really hurts so badly for me that I had to take a few breaks in between and try to calm myself down.
Usually my tolerance level is quite high but not this time. 
It then proceed with facial massage using the Guasha method again, but now with a jade to scrape the skin. For the face, it was still bearable except for certain parts which includes under and between my eyes and eyebrows area.

Overall treatment was not very comfortable except for the last part where they applied a cooling mask to calm down the skin and reduce any redness.

After the treatment I had quite a few minor bruising on my face, and my back actually bruised quite a bit.

However, my skin does feel a little more firmer and sharper as there was a lot of massaging on the face. It also looks more radiant, not as dull as before and bruises went away after a few days.

This therapy helps to relieve pain, stiffness & common ailments such as fever, chills, cough & nausea and balances the Chi in the body, promotes blood circulation & removes toxic heat for detoxification.
Therefore anyone who feels to "heaty" or unwell can consider doing this treatments. Just bear in mind the pain factor.

The Oriental Spa Chamber opens till 3am daily so no worries if you can't make it during the day.
Usual price for this treatment is $280.

Mary Chia is currently having a promotion for my readers!
Simply quote "Jasmine Ong" to be entitled to a first time trial @ $48 for each treatment.
Valid till 31st November 2014.


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