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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Escape Room!

Hello everyone!

Have you heard of the escape games that people having raving about these days? I finally have the chance to try out the escape room games which I did twice on the same day! Sound kind of crazy? Haha.

Basically for escape games, you will be given a story based on the theme you choose and you will try to solve the mystery by getting out of the room using the clues given in the room within a certain time frame. Depending on the theme and the place, it is around 45 minutes to an hour.
One clue will be given if you're stuck in the game.

I thought I could do a review about it since some of you may be interested to check it out.
For all escape games, you can't bring any cameras or phones along with you into the game as you know nobody would go there once you reveal all the secrets in the room right?

So I'm not going to be a spoiler and I will only tell you about the story which will be briefed to you before you start the game. Our first game was at Freeing SG located at Bugis +.

Our first theme was Unmasked. It is a story about female student, which is also your classmate who had gone missing after visiting her Biology teacher's gathering at his house. Your task would be to look for the missing student at your Biology teacher's house.
The difficulty level for this theme I would say is 4.5/5. It is one of the most difficult theme at Freeing SG. It requires a lot of thinking and calculations (yes, it's maths but simple ones) to get to the final answer to unlock the answers. It does add a little spookiness to the game, kind of like a mini-haunted house or mini Halloween party so be prepared! In case you're wondering, there isn't anyone hiding in the room waiting to jump at you so don't worry.

Anyway, sad to say that we didn't manage to solve the game. We almost did it, but stuck on the last password to unlock the door and when the time is up the game master will come in and reveal the answers to you.

To sum up for you:
Difficulty: 4.5/5
Spookiness/Scariness?: 3/5
Price: $28 per pax

Second game was at Xcape located at Bugis Village.

Xcape is slightly different from Freeing SG as you can extend your time in the game if you didn't manage to solve it within the given time frame. Not sure how much they charge for additional timing.

The theme we chose was Vampire Diary.
Some of you may have watched The Vampire Diaries drama. This theme is based on the drama however you don't have to watch the drama to play this game.
You will all be split into 3 teams, witches, werewolves and vampires and you solve the game based on the story given to you which I can't reveal it. :)

The time frame for this game is 1 hour.
After trying out both games, I would say the Freeing SG is more fun than Xcape.
For Xcape games, the answers are relatively easy to find except for some parts, if not you can always ask for clues. Two clues will be given.
What I don't really like about Xcape is the rooms are very small which makes it quite squeezy for 7 of us. Since the place is quite small there aren't much movements as well.
Nothing creepy as well.

To sum up:
Difficulty: 3/5
Spookiness/Scariness?: 0-0.5/5 
Price: $25 per pax 

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