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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hanaka Mask - Facial Mask & Black Rose Mask.

Tried the Hanaka Black Charcoal Mask for quite some time now so I'll do a review of it.
Got to know this product after watching Hana Tam's youtube video.

This Hanaka Facial Mask contains charcoal which helps with deep cleansing the skin, leaving it unclogged and clean of dirt.

It is a gel mask which you apply to your face for about 30 minutes. Instead of washing it off, you will need to use a spatula/spoon/etc so scrape off the gel and wash off the remaining.
You can see the texture is kind of like jelly.

So after using it for about 1-2 months, I find that it doesn't really work with deep cleansing.
It doesn't remove my blackheads and my pores are still quite large especially around the nose area.

It does make my skin feel cleaner, slightly brighter and more nourished in just one application.
I still use it once in a while to clean my face but I will not repurchase it again.

FYI, it cost about $20 (I bought from Qoo10) so it is pretty expensive for a mask to just "clean" your face. 

Bought a few sachet of this Hanaka Rose Mask as well.
It is a gel and sticky peel off mask, supposedly to remove black/white heads from your skin.

My pores around my nose area used to be quite moderate (not too big and not too small), but after using this product my pores become clogged and enlarged! It kind of peel off my "pores" so now I keep getting blackheads stuck in my nose.
"Eww", that's what everyone would say right now.
 I tried giving it a few more chance but it failed me every single time. It doesn't even remove blackheads at all. Personally I feel that the Biore Pore Pack/Mask is even more effective than this.

Too horrible. Never purchase this Rose Mask. It makes your skin feel even worst.