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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getaway to Batam - Nongsa Point Marina Resort.

Had a short getaway from the forever busy Singapore.
It was an impromptu trip partly because I had to clear off my leave from work.

We stayed over at Nongsa Point Marina Resorts' two bedroom apartment.
It has two storeys, a living room and a kitchen.

The beach at the resort is where the yachts park.

The water is actually much cleaner than what I had expected. It isn't clear blue water but still quite clear as compared to Sentosa.

We had lunch at their restaurant before heading over to Turi Beach for our activities.

Food wise, not that fantastic but that was the only restaurant available at Nongsa.
All the prices are actually in SGD, which I was quite surprised because I went all the trouble just to change to Rupia when we can actually paid in our currency. -_-

After lunch, we had back to our apartment to get ourselves ready for water sports at Turi Beach.
When we went over, the activities were fully booked and they close at 5pm. So we had to make a reservation for the next day instead and swim around the pools ):

Second day, we head over to Turi Beach for the activities!
I tried out the Parasailing and Jet Ski for the first time.
Didn't manage to take any pictures as I'm afraid it might drop into the sea. :/

After our activities, we ate at Nongsapura Teppanyaki Restaurant.

It's still alright, not that bad I would say. However it can be better.

The next day we left the place in the late morning.
There actually aren't much activities as Batam and most of the activities are closed at 5pm.
We wanted to go for massage but it was fully booked as well so be sure to make a reservation before you carry out your activites!

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