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Saturday, June 28, 2014

JB Food Trip - Jalan Sutera!

Recently I've been to JB (Johor Bahru in short) for a short trip with my polymates.

These few months I've been to JB on and off for a random trip but this was slightly different.
Usually I would go to KSL mall for some Karaoke session, massage at Bangkok Spa and have "Lok Lok" for dinner.

This time round it was with a different group of friends, so we head onto Jalan Sutera instead!
Had lunch at a Japanese restaurant (can't remember the name) which was located near the entrance.

One of my friend actually ordered the same as mine (:

Overall? I would say the food is quite fresh and the soba is good too! Not to soggy.
Only thing that I dislike is the dumpling (on the bottom right) as it taste kind of weird.
Pricing wise, it is considered a little expensive (in Malaysia). Cost about RM150 for 3 of us but the food does justify for the price given. Definitely will visit it again.

After lunch, it's time for desserts! We settled down at Maco Cafe which was nearby the area.
They sell all different sorts of Mille Crepes and other desserts too.
Hokkaido Milk Mille Crepe

I think this is Chocolate Mille Crepe.

Original Mille Crepe.

Their mille crepe are too delicious! It was actually my second time there. My first time was during around 2011? The taste is still as good as what I can recall!

I think this taste weird, don't order this unless you're an extreme strawberry lover.

Overall? Definitely worth the try!

Another cafe definitely worth the visit with friends. Grazia Cafe.
They sell different kinds of cakes, including rainbow cake!

I actually like the ambience of the cafe. It feels really cosy, like home.

You can spend hours of time chit chatting with friends, or even read a book? They have books there too.

We spent our day there and headed back to somewhere near the custom to settle our dinner.
We went to a small back alley to have some seafood where they have temporary stalls set up which was quite dangerous I feel. Nonetheless, nothing bad happen and we're back in Singapore!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Little update.

Hey everyone! It's me and Pudding in case you missed her.

It's been awhile! Many things happened this month.
I went on a short trip to Batam during mid June 2014, busy at work and my laptop broke down hence I'm unable to edit my pictures and post my blog!

Had gotten my laptop fixed instead of buying a new one to save cost :P
Alright, will be back soon! Currently using my mobile to post so it's a little troublesome due to the formatting and all.