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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Haruen Dorothy

Hey everyone!

I bought this beauty product called the Hauren Dorothy from Qoo10 after seeing so many reviews recommending this product.

It is a mineral roller that helps skincare products to absorb better to this skin, or helps to blot away facial oil without clogging pores.

This is how it looks like on the outside. Kind of plain and cheap looking.
It cost $9.90 with two roller balls inside. Each roller ball can last an average for about 2 weeks.

I tried using for about a month now so here's my review on the product. It took me so long because I don't really use it often, probably about 2 times a week.

The roller is really easy to use! Just have to roll it all over your face to absorb all the facial oil.

The first few times I used the product it was able to absorb my facial oil well, but maybe after 5 times it doesn't really it doesn't work that well and would probably need to be cleaned.
I find that reusing the product is kind of unhygienic although they did say it is totally clean because they are able to fully absorb the oil. But.. not sure about the bacteria and all.

Here's a comparison between a new product and a used one.
The right one is more dull and greyish looking so when it's looking a little shiny it means that it can't absorb that well and it's time to wash.

Another alternative is that you can use it to apply your moisturizer or cream and use the roller for better absorption. In my opinion I think it might absorb the cream instead of penetrating into my skin.
Rating? 7/10

Will I repurchase it? Maybe?

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