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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Impromptu KL Trip - Part 1!

Had a super impromptu trip to KL with my colleagues last week. It was really random because we were just randomly talking about it and everyone seems to agree so quickly.

We book a one way ticket so it would be more flexible for us since we can get a ticket back home anytime we wanted. We took a coach on Friday night and reach KL during midnight and checked into the hotel for some nap before we started the day.

The weather is really very hot in KL so first thing we did, was to buy Starbucks. Lol

Brunch was at Kin Kin Ban Mee. 

Ok I know you guys are gonna say that there's one that recently opened in Singapore, but the queue is so long! There's no queue there so we managed to get seats easily. The noodles were served in a while. (:

Ordered some fish/meat balls to go along.

After brunch we head over KLCC. 

Twin tower!

Had Xu Ru Shan for desserts! Wanted to eat waffles but the waffles doesn't look delicious to us.

Mixture of fruits

Watermelon and honeydew! It's really nice! The pearls are like "tang yuan" very chewy and yummy.

Had ice cream at Haagen Dasz. I'm the only one eating because they don't feel bloated. Me and my sudden craving for waffles :P

Headed over for a karaoke session after that!
The karaoke session is super cheap and affordable. We had two students discount and no charge for birthday girl (me! Hehehe) so total we paid approx. $8SGD per pax. Dead cheap!

We gotten the VIP room because the rest was taken. The room is really huge and had it's own toilet as well. 

The sound system wasn't that awesome but it was still alright. Quite worth the amount that we paid actually. For such a big room. :)

After karaoke session we had a little shopping session since we didn't bring enough clothes. The clothes are priced around 10-25RM for most of the cropped tops or long top. Mostly Korean fashion.
The weather was bad and it started to rain heavily so we had a light dinner before the weather gets better.

After dinner we went for a full body massage. It kind of unhealthy because we just ate but still go ahead with the idea since we didn't have much to do that time. Cost about 60RM for full body massage (:

Headed back to the hotel to get ready ourselves for the night! Zouk KL was having free entry for overseas visitors so we headed over !

Wasn't looking good that night so here's 2 pictures we took !

Ended the night feeling tired and headed back to the hotel.

Day 2 afternoon.
We slept till noon and woke up.

Had lunch at a nearby food store and headed to a mall to walk around before heading back.
Initially we were going to okay archery before our movie but the staff took so long and we had decided to forfeited the game and head to our movie.
Watched divergent and headed back to Singapore.


  1. lovely pics!! and omg the food looks yummilicious!

    1. Thanks! (: Yup they are really yummy! You should try them out!