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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Supei's 21st!

Hello everyone!
I think I can make a series of 21st birthday blog entries. Haha
It was Supei's 21st birthday. I have known her since kindgarten which was about 15-16 years?!

During my secondary school days, we became a little distant because we're from different schools. Since we live so near, once in a while we would meet up for a quick dinner or so. (:

Supei's birthday was held at Changi Tree House Villa, which is located in the extreme east!
Took me about 45 mins bus ride from Tampines Interchange, and yes, I live in the west ):

The villa is very spacious and looks pretty too. Quite a nice villa. 

Anyway here's some pictures we took with the birthday girl!
Supei and his dad!

Birthday cake!

Mini cupcakes.


Photo with Mr. Ming's clique.

Secondary School clique

Surprised kiss! Haha

Primary school clique!


Till here.

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