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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Miam Miam ~

Hello everyone!

Met up with my friends for a short dinner after work. There's a new restaurant located at Westgate that sells main course + desserts and it looks pretty good so we've decided to try it.

They sell a range of different pastas and rice and the desserts are like pancakes and souffl├ęs.

Here's what we've ordered (we went there twice to try different stuff so I'm going to compile what we ate there)

Lobster bisque 

Curry rice 

Miam miam pasta

French toast (this is really delicious!)

Chocolate souffl├ęs 

Caramelized banana pancakes

Vanilla pancake

Earl Grey tea

I find that the miam miam pasta is the nicest of all pasta. The rest, not worth the money to try.

However the desserts are quite nice actually but the waiting time is ridiculously long! We were told that we have to wait for about 40 minutes for desserts. Since we ordered a main course so we decided to go ahead to wait.

Overall it wasn't that worth the trip on peak periods. We have to queue very long to get in even when there are empty tables and the waiting time for the food is very long. When I went over to the cashier to pay the bill, I realized that there are only 1-2 staff cooking the pasta and the rest I'm not sure what they're doing, maybe the desserts ? But it not worth the time and penny to queue so long since they're food are still not bad but not super awesome.

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