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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Company's DND 2014

Last month, I've participated in my company's DND! It is my first time participating because it's my first job after graduation but wasn't that enthusiastic about it because I have to perform ):

The theme for this year was Lights, Camera, Action! We are all separated into different teams based on our division so my team's theme was Man In Black (MIB)

This is my costume. It is much similar to my office attire because I have to wear blazer for work except for the tie and collar shirt.

Hair for the day! Went to a random salon to fix my hair up as we all have to bun our hair up to look neat.
All of us finished doing our hair at around 3 and we rush to the hotel to get our makeup done and clothes changed.
We had a final round of rehearsal for our performance and went for the DND.

The whole DND was kind of fun although my team didn't win. We're like toasting all the way because we know we couldnt win as the other teams' performance are too awesome!
I didn't managed to video it down because I was being blocked by the people -_-

Here's the pictures we took during the DND!

Behind the scene!

Funny faces

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