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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Horse Year 2014!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! How's your visiting going ?

This year my parents went to Batam for visiting but I stayed in Singapore instead as I cannot take leave for work ):

Every year, CNY is not really that fun for me because I'm not that close with my relatives from the father's side and most of my cousins from my mother's side are in Indonesia. In case you want to know, I am pure Singaporean. Haha

So anyway, just a short update on my Chinese New Year.
For Day 1, I went visiting to my uncle's house where my grandma lives. All of our relatives would usually gather there for CNY so we don't have to go and visit everybody's house it would be a little inconvenient for my grandma.

Here's a day 2 selfie!

Day 2, my parents went Batam so I went to look for Mr. Ming! I went to visit Mr. Ming's relatives and his father's friends' place! His relatives are much more friendlier to me than mine. Haha 
We went visiting the whole day till evening and we return to his house while his cousin's would all gather.

Mr. Ming trying to act cool by flexing his arms. Haha

Many many ang baos that I've gotten this year (:

One of the photo taken during CNY.

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