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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

River Safari with Mr. Ming and Friends

Hello all.
Visited the River Safari on the second day the boat ride was opened. It was a Sunday and there are so many people there! The queue is extremely long but is was quite fast as there were quite a few counters. Got discounted rate since we have an "ah bing ge" in our group. Hehe

A photo taken while queuing! We're all quite excited actually. Haha.

The weather gone bad and started to rain so we didn't manage the catch the boat ride.
If it didn't rain we would have to wait for 2 hours. ~.~

I'll let the pictures do the talking!
Let's start with a freaking big fish hanging on top.

It looked freaking scaryyyyyyyy!

This is so cute!

I wish I could bring it home. Haha

Now it's panda time! 
I waited quite awhile for one of the panda to come out because the staff was clearing it's feces.
Not sure if this is Jia Jia or Kai Kai.

Too cute!

Halfway through, we got hungry and stopped by the cafe for an early dinner.
The queue was extremely long as well and we have to fight for seats. Like an auntie. Opps.

I ordered a noodle set with cutlet chicken. No pictures since it doesn't look appealing. 
The food is quite horribly actually, taste bland.
The panda bun is quite bad as well, quite hard and not much taste. Couldn't complain much since it is the only cafe available inside.

A selfie~ (:

We continued our journey after eating.

Little monkeys~ They look so cute.

We reach this gigantic aquarium, similar to the SEA Aquarium but this is filled with extremely huge sea animals!

Can you see it's shit? Eww.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year everyone!
Enjoy your holiday! (:

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