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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year Resolutions!

Hello everyone! Feeling sleepy/lethargic/fatigue for the new year.
It's been about a week since new year so I gave it a thought for my New Year's Resolution and came up with 5 of them.
Currently I'm not longer studying therefore my resolutions have became more practical. I feel so old now. ):

Here's my top 5 New Year's Resolution:
1. Spend lesser and save more - at least 25-30% of my salary to go to my savings
I used to overspend and get pocket money from my parents when I don't have enough but now I feel that it is time to repay my parents back. Asking them for money is definitely not a solution, therefore it is always good to keep some savings for rainy days!

2. Drink more water and eat healthier. Lesser snacks during work and exercise/walk more.
Alright, my biggest mistake out of my whole life is that I'm born a lazy person. I don't exercise and I eat a lot.
I can skip drinking water a whole day without feeling thirsty.
Therefore there is a need to be more healthier because getting an office job is seriously making me fatter and fatter and my tummy is seriously bulging.

3. Travel overseas for at least 2 times this year. (exclude JB haha)
One of my materialistic requests. Travelling gives me a good reason to buy, shop and eat!

4. Be more humble and nicer to people, stop saying rude words/mean things.
Need to start being more mature. Need not have any better explanation than that.

5.Be more active in blogging and other social platforms. 
Sometimes I felt like I should just shut off all my social media platforms, but I couldn't. I know I need to be more active. I may not be one of the most popular and influential blogger, or a blogger with that writes the best. There are always some people out there that can benefit a little from reading my blog. (:

As for point 5, I have created a new Dayre account!!!!
I know I am a little outdated on that but I find that it is great for a micro-blog and much easier for me to post my daily little happenings.
Do follow me at J_OMY if you have one! It is really cute.


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