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Thursday, January 9, 2014

DYNA Argan Oil Treatment - Straighten your hair in a healthy way!

DYNA Treatment Straightening 3
Hello everyone! About a week back, I went back to Headlines Hairdressing to look for Jerry to get my hair done.
Had my roots touched up and changed a new hairstyle for the new year, to start everything anew! (;

Looking back at how bad my hair looks from my laziness.
DYNA Treatment Straightening 3
Untamed curls. Not looking good.

This time round, I did the DYNA Argan Oil Treatment for Straightening again! Really love all Mucota/DYNA treatments as they are really awesome. DYNA Treatment uses Argan Oil.

There are a lot of benefits of Argan Oil, here are some of them:
1. It helps to hydrate the hair in a natural way, without feeling oily,
2. It helps to penetrate into the hair follicles to enhance elasticity of the hair.
3. It is one of the best treatment for damaged and frizzy hair.
4. Contains natural anti-oxidants to help strengthen the hair.
5.Contains Vitamin E to treat damaged hair and restore the beautiful shine on your hair.

There are tons and tons of benefits of Argan Oil which can be found on the internet. It is even great for your body and skin as well.

This time round, it only took about 3 hours to do the DYNA Argan Oil Treatment because my hair is much healthier that it was one year ago. Before I show you the end results, do check out my previous post at Headlines for 2013 in case you've missed out!
Do click on the pictures to link to the blog post. (From the oldest to the newest)
DYNA Treatment Perm (1)
First DYNA Treatment Perm.

Matrix Waterfall
Matrix Waterfall Highlight

DYNA Treatment Straightening 
First DYNA Argan Oil Treatment

Mucota 3-Step Treatment 
Monthly Hair Treats - 3-Step Mucota Treatment

DYNA Treatment Perm 3
Second DYNA Treatment Perm.

Mucota Color Treatment
Mucota True Color Treatment

Mucota 3-Step Treatment 2
Monthly Mucota 3-Step Treatment!

My hair is definitely better than it was right? Back to my hair, here's the end results for my DYNA Argan Oil Treatment.

DYNA Treatment Straightening 3

DYNA Treatment Straightening 3

It is not like rebonding where you get super straight and flat hair.
For DYNA Argan Oil Treatment, you still can get naturally straighten hair with a little volume as well. (:

Here's a picture taken at home
DYNA Straightening 2

To achieve nice and pretty hair, we will have to constantly maintain our hair well.
Jerry always tells me that hairstylist can only give you 60% of your beauty, and 40% comes from your hard work.

Your hard work will depend on how you look.
Therefore I've tried on these few products below and find it really good which I want to recommend to all girls out there.

Mucota Aire Emolient CMC Shampoo 02
CMC is a cell layer compound exists out and inside of our hair which protects our hair.
People with damaged hair is caused by CMC substance being removed from the hair due to harmful chemicals such as hair dyes or during perming, etc. Therefore, products with CMC substance helps to maintain moisture, to prevent dryness and maintain softness of the hair.
When I first used this, I find that it is very oily and I tried to wash it off but I couldn't. After it dries, it is not that oily anymore and it really moisturizing for my hair. It makes my hair become really soft and not so frizzy.

Mucota Aire Hair Mask Treatment 06
It contains honey which is an excellent moisture holding capability that is often used in skincare products.
Honey can also be used for hair products as well, to retain moisture to prevent dryness that causes broken hairs or split ends.

This mask treatment does not have a thick consistency but it does it's job in moisturizing my hair and makes it really smooth.

Mucota Aire 10
This is my favourite product! Mucota Aire 10 is a leave-on mask where you apply it after you washed your hair when it's still wet without washing it off.
It helps to prevent hair from damage from any heat appliances and UV Rays. It also helps to prevent frizz as well. This products makes my hair really really smooth and soft whole day which I think it's a must try product! It has a sweet green apple scent to it too (:

Chinese New Year is coming and many of the salons are using discount coupons sites online to attract people to come. Some girls might think that Headlines Hairdressing is charging higher than other salons for the same treatments and services so why should people visit Headlines Hairdressing?

Mucota products are expensive due to the ingredients they use. Other salons that are promoting DYNA treatments at discounted coupons online site at very attractive prices might not even be able to cover the cost of the products (plus, they have to pay those online sites for using their services as well), therefore some products might be added in to save cost.

Jerry is an Educator for Mucota products where he specializes in doing DYNA treatments.
All the products they used are all pure, with no chemicals or other products added to it. 
It is safe to think that the money you spent at Headlines Hairdressing is worth it.

Do visit Headlines Hairdressing now before it's fully booked!

*Updated 11 Nov 2014*
Jerry has relocated to the new International Plaza Branch!
 Quote "Jasmine Ong" to get 10-30% discount off depending on the type of treatments you will be doing.
Do contact him below for more details!

Headlines Hairdressing (International Plaza)
10 Anson Road, #03-32
International Plaza S(079903)
Contact: +65 6223 3133
Hair Stylist: Jerry Chua
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:10.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday: 10.30am to 7pm
Public Holiday: 10.30am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed

View all my previous hair services at Headlines Hairdressing here:


  1. argan oil are too good for hair. My wife is using this for many days.

  2. ohh I like you hair, very straight and looks so strong. I'll sure to try this one of this days. Oh but after I completed my hair growth treatment. So excited!