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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dr SM Yuen - Atlas Medical Laser Treatment 1

Hello everyone, I'm back to Atlas Medical Clinic to look for Dr SM Yuen for my laser treatment. I will be going back frequently for my laser treatment appointments. 

It was actually my first time doing laser treatment so I was actually quite nervous about it. What my first impression about laser treatment is that it will hurt a lot because the laser beams are literally shooting at my face. 

Dr SM Yuen told me that since it's my first time, they will be using the lightest laser for my face. This treatment will help to even out my skin, reduce pigmentation and pores which allows the skincare products to better absorb to my skin. Throughout the whole treatment, Dr SM Yuen is very careful and often checked on me if the laser treatment hurts.

Here's a before and after photos. 



The treatment only took about 15 minutes which I think it's really fast. It feels a little painful, like an ant bite but it is still bearable. After the treatment, I can head out immediately because there is no swelling and not much redness since the laser treatment is quite mild.
The results is not that visible in pictures, however I do feel that my makeup is easier to apply after the treatment.  

Will be back for more treatments and update you all soon !

Do quote "Jasmine" to inquire for special rates on treatments and products.

Dr SM Yuen - Atlas Medical Clinic
Add: 391B Orchard Road #13-10/10A, Ngee Ann City Tower B

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