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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dr SM Yuen - Altas Medical Treatments

Hello everyone! I went back to Atlas Medical to do 2 treatments a week after my consultation with them.
The first treatment I did was the Silk Peel Derma-Infusion.
Silk Peel is a wet abrasion treatment that exfoliates, hydrates and improves the skin texture. It makes the skin fairer, even toned, smoother and refines pores. Silk Peel is similar to Diamond Peel, however Silk Peel products a more gentle and comfortable experience because the suction head they use a smooth unlike the Diamond Peel. The facial therapist did one side of my face and let my touch the difference between both sides.
The side that has done the Silk Peel is a lot much smoother than the other side.

The second treatment I did was the Vita-C Hydrolightening Theraphy.
It is a calming and refreshing therapy that uses a unique lab-researched concentrated vitamin C that has anti-oxidation, anti-pigmentation and brightening effects. Thanks!
I find this really interesting because I was asked to hold a metal bar which is meant to transfer the Ions from the machine to my body and back to the machine. It hurts a little sometimes but it is still bearable.

After the 2 treatment, the therapist put in a very cooling mask to soothe my skin.

Here's a photo I took after the treatment. FYI, I did not edit the pictures except for cropping it.
I use to have quite a few blackheads and it has been reduced by quite a bit.
The redness on my skin has been reduced as well.

As mentioned on my previous post, I'll be review on the products as well.
You can take a look at their description in my previous blog post here: 

Rose-2 UV Shield with SPF 30 PA +++
This sunscreen has a very thick and creamy texture. It is non-sticky and drys on my skin matte and doesn't leave a white cast like normal sunscreen does. It is non-comedogenic, which means it doesn't clog pores. A plus point! 
I love that fact that it is matte because I can just apply this and go out without looking greasy, however the bad side is that it need to be applied properly because it drys fast. If it is not applied properly it may leave white flakes which is very unsightly and difficult to remove.

Rose-2 Splash Away Gentle Purifying Cleanser.
Splash Away is a very gentle cleanser that doesn't dry out my skin.
It doesn't latter that much as normal cleanser though but not a problem for me. When you wash off the cleanser, it leaves a very soft and smooth touch to my skin.

Rose-2 Hydra Relief Skin Perfecting Moisturizer
I love this product!
This moisturizer is very very moisturizing to my skin. It is oil-free and lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all. I usually apply at night because sleeping in an air-conditioned room is quite drying. After about 3-4 days my skin became really soft and smooth and my skin feels a little bouncier (if that’s how you describe it? Haha)

Do quote "Jasmine" to inquire for additional discounts on treatments and products.

Atlas Medical Clinic
Add: 391B Orchard Road #13-10/10A, Ngee Ann City Tower B
Tel: +65 6556 0829

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