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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tim Ho Wan


Had a short gathering with my classmates a week ago.
Settled down at Tim Ho Wan because all the queues for restaurants are so long~

Here's what we've ordered:

Char Siew Bun! This is quite good. The outside look like Bo lo bun. Haha

Actually we ordered too much for 7 pax because all the dishes we ordered about 2 or 3 so we didn't manage to finish all. Plus I ate before that. Lol
I think that the food there is kind of overated except for the Char Siew Bun which I thought it's quite nice. But overall it is a little expensive.

After dinner, we walked around to lose some calories from those fat food and wait for Siu yin.
Here's some pictures of us~

Started slacking at McDonald's outside Scape before we went home. lol


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