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Sunday, November 3, 2013

K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

Hey all!

I was sent a product from Relle to do a review for K-Palette's Real Lasting Tears Tank!
Nowadays there are many girls out there trying to achieve the puffy undereyes look for an illusion of bigger looking eyes.

With the Tears Tank, it is very easy to achieve that look!

It comes in two different shades; Glamorous Pink and Elegance Beige. For me, I got the Elegance beige as it is more people who already have a little puffy undereyes and want to further enhance it (:

The product comes in a brush on one side which moisturizes the skin to prevent aging, while the other side is a product (kind of like an eye shadow) with very fine pearl powder.

In the past, I used to use eye shadows to achieve the look but sometimes it can get a little messy because the eye shadow powder must get all over my face.

After I was introduced to Tears Tank, I find that it very easy to apply and it glides on very easily.
It is very easy to use too! The drawback is that I would always touch my eyes (like when it feels itchy or what) so the product kind of gets rubbed off, so I would have to reapply it.

As for the brush part, I would say the moisturizer is a little difficult to apply because I would have to go through quite a few strokes to get the product out. However it blends into my skin well and moisturizes the skin and makes the product easier to apply too.

Here's a before and after photo!

It makes my eyes look instantly bigger and I think it makes my eyes look more obvious as there are more dimension to it.

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the product (:


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