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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beauty Recipe

Hey all!
Been quite busy recently so kind of lack of updates.
I was contacted by Jessie (myfatpocket blogger,, who owns a beauty salon Beauty Recipe located at Jurong East to try out their nails and eyelash extension services! Since I've not done any eyelash extension before so I immediately agreed to do so. :P

When I stepped into Beauty Recipe, I was greeted by the friendly staff, Yu which she guided me to do my eyelash extension first. 
I did the natural ones which are attached strand by strand so it is more comfortable and light as compared to the bundled ones. When they fall out, they fall out individually too, which doesn't cause a hole in between the lashes.
The lashes that they used are real ultra soft and fine hair preordered from Korea which have been specially curled by machines to give it a nice curl. 

Here's a before and after photo!

Please ignore my messy hair~ Still on a day dreaming mood. Haha

Another photo after I've done my makeup! Isn't it very natural?
Yu is very good at mixing and matching the different lengths to compliment every customers' eyes shape.
Oh and the lashes are really comfortable and it doesn't even feel like I've extension on.

After the extension, it's time for manicure and pedicure!
For nails, I chose a simple design, with a chanel designed pearls on my thumb!

Really sweet look (:

Did Classic French Pedicure in baby blue with a bow (:

Overall I find that all the staff are really very friendly.
I think they are Vietnamese but they do speak Chinese pretty well and they are really nice to help me out with my requests. Location wise is really near for me so I would definitely go back especially to do my lashes.

Oh and here's a photo with the friendly Yu! 

Do check out Beauty Recipe's Facebook page:

Simply "Like" and "Share" their Facebook fanpage and quote "LNS" during your appointment to enjoy 10% off all beauty services!
Oh and currently Beauty Recipe is offering eyelash extension at SGD$68 (U.P SGD$88-108) for first trial! Hurry up and call them before the promotion is over!

Beauty Recipe
Location: Blk 104 Jurong East St. 13 #01-102
Contact No.: 6567 3568

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mucota True Color Treatment

Hey all!
I went back to Headlines Hairdressing about a month later to color my hair. Previously I had perm my hair so it will be very damaging to do it together.

This time round I wanted a lighter colour so Jerry introduced to me a new type of treatment called the Mucota True Colour Treatment to treat coloured hair.

These will be the products that will be used on my hair.

Here's a before photo. It's quite messy because I did not style before coming. Haha

Before dyeing, Jerry did a pre-treatment.
It works on the damaged area to smooth the surface of hair to reduce friction so that it will be easier to apply the hair colouring agent onto my hair. It also protects the scalp and reduce the damaging effect of the colouring agent.

In the process of dyeing my hair! Nothing to do here~ :P

It took about an hour to dye my hair and then we went to wash off the dye.
After washing, Jerry applied the after treatment products to my hair.
The products helps the hair to achieve an even colour as well as to reduce the damage to my hair.

After that he kind of fill up the basin with water to soak my hair in it so I asked him what is that about.
He told me that it is like giving the hair a mask by soaking into the water full of treatment for my hair to absorb all the moisture and repairs my hair to create the shiny smooth condition.

After so much words, here's the results (:

I find that this Mucota True Color Treatment is super awesome because so far I wash my hair everyday (it's been a week) and it still feels super smooth and I don't really have to apply conditioner at all.
Every one with damaged/coloured hair should definitely try this treatment because the products are super rich with ingredients such as Royal Jelly Protein, Honey, Shea Butter and Silk!

*Updated 11 Nov 2014*
Jerry has relocated to the new International Plaza Branch!
 Quote "Jasmine Ong" to get 10-30% discount off depending on the type of treatments you will be doing.
Do contact him below for more details!

Headlines Hairdressing (International Plaza)
10 Anson Road, #03-32
International Plaza S(079903)
Contact: +65 6223 3133
Hair Stylist: Jerry Chua
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:10.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday: 10.30am to 7pm
Public Holiday: 10.30am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed

View all my previous hair services at Headlines Hairdressing here:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

Hey all!

I was sent a product from Relle to do a review for K-Palette's Real Lasting Tears Tank!
Nowadays there are many girls out there trying to achieve the puffy undereyes look for an illusion of bigger looking eyes.

With the Tears Tank, it is very easy to achieve that look!

It comes in two different shades; Glamorous Pink and Elegance Beige. For me, I got the Elegance beige as it is more people who already have a little puffy undereyes and want to further enhance it (:

The product comes in a brush on one side which moisturizes the skin to prevent aging, while the other side is a product (kind of like an eye shadow) with very fine pearl powder.

In the past, I used to use eye shadows to achieve the look but sometimes it can get a little messy because the eye shadow powder must get all over my face.

After I was introduced to Tears Tank, I find that it very easy to apply and it glides on very easily.
It is very easy to use too! The drawback is that I would always touch my eyes (like when it feels itchy or what) so the product kind of gets rubbed off, so I would have to reapply it.

As for the brush part, I would say the moisturizer is a little difficult to apply because I would have to go through quite a few strokes to get the product out. However it blends into my skin well and moisturizes the skin and makes the product easier to apply too.

Here's a before and after photo!

It makes my eyes look instantly bigger and I think it makes my eyes look more obvious as there are more dimension to it.

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the product (: