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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weight Management Problem.

Hello all!

Okay I will be separating the post so that it wouldn't be that laggy.

I've been indulging in fatty food and eating more than what I can consume that I can't seem to lose any weight. I stop exercising because work is taking too much of my time ): and I can't seemed to shed off those extra pounds.

Anyway you may be wondering why the hell I keep complaining when I don't even look fat. Ok this is when Photoshop does the trick. Hahahaha. I wouldn't say I am fat but I will never be content for the weight now as compared to 2 years ago.
I'm not going for the boney skinny look so don't flame me please. I just don't want that flabby arms and thighs haha.

Alright, too much words now so I'll proceed with the pictures !! 
Had Sushi Tei for dinner with Kife, Jolynn and Sujun!

I find that Sushi Tei's food taste alright and it's considered quite cheap as compared to others such as Itacho, etc.. It's a cheap alternative for Japanese food (:
**I'm lazy to edit the lighting so it's RAW.
Onsen Tamago! Not the best but still good (:

Salmon Don.

Salmon Sashimi


Tuna sushi

Ikura Chawamushi 

Garlic Fried Rice. Very disappointing, please do not try it.

Salmon Chasoba

Soft shell crabbyyyy


Kaarage Curry Rice

Fried salmon skin

Flavored Ice ball! This taste really good (:

Matcha Ice Cream.
I think it's a must to eat in every Japanese restaurant haha.

Ok I forgot the name.

Frozen Strawberry

MOS Burger used to sell them ):
Don't drool okay~ hahaha

More pictures taken earlier on!

That's all!

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