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Monday, October 21, 2013

CE Army Boy!


It me with my messy hair after work :P

Met up with CE after so long since he went into NS.
He got his head shaved and looking like a typical ah bing ge. HAHAHA

Hi CE! Haha

We walked around ION thinking of what to eat because it was pretty last minute so we ended up at Monster Curry because I've not tried it before.

I think he ordered Cheese Pork Katsu Curry Rice level 1

I ordered Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice level 2!

Oh if you never ate there before, there's this 4 different level of spiciness you can choose.
The orangey sauce looking thing is the chilli which I think is some garlic chilli.

I thought it would be quite spicy but actually it's not so I asked for a little more so I think I ate about level 3 or 3.5 haha

The portion is really big as well !
You can see from the pictures below and sorry the food is too bright. HAHA

See! Even for CE it looks so big but he did managed to finish it.

Overall I would say that the food is not bad. I would go back again if I have cravings for spicy stuff.
It's not that expensive but just that it take extremely long for them to prepare the food when it is not very crowded ~.~

Here's some other photos we took before I end this post!

I think we look quite Taiwanese here. Hahahaha

Alright bye!

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