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Monday, October 21, 2013

CE Army Boy!


It me with my messy hair after work :P

Met up with CE after so long since he went into NS.
He got his head shaved and looking like a typical ah bing ge. HAHAHA

Hi CE! Haha

We walked around ION thinking of what to eat because it was pretty last minute so we ended up at Monster Curry because I've not tried it before.

I think he ordered Cheese Pork Katsu Curry Rice level 1

I ordered Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice level 2!

Oh if you never ate there before, there's this 4 different level of spiciness you can choose.
The orangey sauce looking thing is the chilli which I think is some garlic chilli.

I thought it would be quite spicy but actually it's not so I asked for a little more so I think I ate about level 3 or 3.5 haha

The portion is really big as well !
You can see from the pictures below and sorry the food is too bright. HAHA

See! Even for CE it looks so big but he did managed to finish it.

Overall I would say that the food is not bad. I would go back again if I have cravings for spicy stuff.
It's not that expensive but just that it take extremely long for them to prepare the food when it is not very crowded ~.~

Here's some other photos we took before I end this post!

I think we look quite Taiwanese here. Hahahaha

Alright bye!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Testing Ring Light


The other day I was in an office and there was a ring light in one of the meeting room.
So I was curious to try to test out my new camera with a ring light, I've decided to try to take some vain pictures.

I had to change the settings for a bit and managed to get some nice pictures!

This photo looks like I should wear some dangling earring hahhaha

How was it? Maybe I should invest on a ring light.

One thing I realized about using ring light is that my face was kind of flatten as you can see from the pictures my cheek bones are not that visible. Not really a very bad thing though.

P/S: Oh Fyi, my hair is done by Jerry from Headlines hairdressing! Do read my previous post here if you haven't:

Alright bye~!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Star Vista

Hello all~

Met up with Mr. Ming for dinner at Star Vista last week.
It's the second time I've been there and I find that the mall actually saves quite a lot of electricity because it is connected to the outside.
Which means that the mall is not totally enclosed.
I think if it rains heavily the mall might just flood. Lol.

Ok so no pictures of Mr. Ming, only food because he doesn't like to take random pictures -.-
Oh, we dined at Manhattan Fish Market.
Caesar salad.

Cheese fries! Super yummy but fattening!

Seafood Aglio Olio

Fish and Chips.
When his food came he realized that there isn't a need to order salad and fries in the first place. Lol

The food was still alright, their services can be improved. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Mookata!


Had dinner with friends at Happy Mookata!
It's located at Golden Mile (somewhere there), just outside a shopping mall.

The price is not very expensive and food is not bad too.
Just that it's abit far for me (I live in the west) and it's outdoor so it gets a little hot after some time.

No peeptures, just food :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Camera!

Hey all!

As the title says, I will be sharing my story about this camera. (:
Kind of lengthy but please bear with me for a little while.

This is the camera I bought! Looks so pretty in white :)

I was tweeting the other day talking about buying a new camera and finally I decided to buy it on impulse hoping I don't regret it. I decided to get Samsung EX2F because two of my friends are using it and the quality of pictures looks good after I've tried.

At first I was deciding between the new Casio TR-15 and Samsung EX2F.
The Casio camera is seriously too overpriced, I think it's about $1400? Oh by the way I bought my camera at only one third of the price.

I went to ask the promoter which one is better and he told me the Samsung one is way much better because the Casio camera targets the female customers or those who likes to camwhore and couldn't be use to take pictures from far. Oh and EX2F does have beauty mode, mobile link, viewfinder so doesn't make much of a difference between those two cameras except for the photo editing?

After buying it for a week the camera BROKE DOWN. I tried to turn it on but the screen is totally blank but the lenses still manage to come out.

I was in a panic mode and quickly asked Mr. Ming to fetch me to the shop for a 1-to-1 exchange for a new camera (not using warranty). I was afraid they wouldn't do an exchange for me because it's the 8th day so I took a video to show them (kiasu me haha) Luckily they did (:

I went to try to use it at first and it was kind of a failure so after trying for quite some time I managed to know how to use it ~.~ Here's some pictures.

Salmon benedict! Quite yummy (:

Eaten Ice-cream.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weight Management Problem.

Hello all!

Okay I will be separating the post so that it wouldn't be that laggy.

I've been indulging in fatty food and eating more than what I can consume that I can't seem to lose any weight. I stop exercising because work is taking too much of my time ): and I can't seemed to shed off those extra pounds.

Anyway you may be wondering why the hell I keep complaining when I don't even look fat. Ok this is when Photoshop does the trick. Hahahaha. I wouldn't say I am fat but I will never be content for the weight now as compared to 2 years ago.
I'm not going for the boney skinny look so don't flame me please. I just don't want that flabby arms and thighs haha.

Alright, too much words now so I'll proceed with the pictures !! 
Had Sushi Tei for dinner with Kife, Jolynn and Sujun!

I find that Sushi Tei's food taste alright and it's considered quite cheap as compared to others such as Itacho, etc.. It's a cheap alternative for Japanese food (:
**I'm lazy to edit the lighting so it's RAW.
Onsen Tamago! Not the best but still good (:

Salmon Don.

Salmon Sashimi


Tuna sushi

Ikura Chawamushi 

Garlic Fried Rice. Very disappointing, please do not try it.

Salmon Chasoba

Soft shell crabbyyyy


Kaarage Curry Rice

Fried salmon skin

Flavored Ice ball! This taste really good (:

Matcha Ice Cream.
I think it's a must to eat in every Japanese restaurant haha.

Ok I forgot the name.

Frozen Strawberry

MOS Burger used to sell them ):
Don't drool okay~ hahaha

More pictures taken earlier on!

That's all!