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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Long weekend!

Hey all~

Finally there's like a long weekend for me to have a good rest from work.

Here's a little short update on what I did this week!

Mookata for dinner with colleagues on Monday
I look hideous in the group photo so I'm not going to post it. :P

Chikuwa Tei with Mr. Ming and friends on Wednesday after work!
The sashimi is really thick and yummy!

Salmon. (:

After dinner I went to stay overnight at Joey's place and I accidentally zap his dog
Look at his evil aura! Like he's gonna shoot beam on me!

Had a short gathering with west peeps on Thursday!

Went to JB with my cousins on Friday!

Milk Waffle Ice Cream with Strawberry bits (:

Vanilla Crispy cream puff from KSL. Super yummy!!!

That's all (:
Miss me! Bye~ ^-^/

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