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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Once in a blue moon.

Hey all!

Had a short gathering with AFA, SOZO and AKB Cafe peeps at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya.
It used to be a restaurant called Kuriya Penthouse but it has changed to Sumiya instead (under the same management) lol.

It was kind of rare for so many of us to meet up together so it's like once in a blue moon. Haha
Many of us are from AFA X (;

Sumiya had this $6 per grab for Edamame so we decided that the one with the biggest hands (it was kife haha) will grab it.
So when Kife is going to grab it, there's like a super big commotion going on with all the drumrolls and staff cheering loudly and we're super shocked that Kife managed to grab like almost half of the edamame from the basket lol

Here's some other photos taken (some grabbed from other :P)
From Jim!
Second photo was in the lift.

Andrea and Kife!

From Shizukuma!

From Beryl!

After the dinner, we had planned to go for a karaoke session but did not work out in the end so we all went home instead. Haha

Alright till then.
Bye! ^-^

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Long weekend!

Hey all~

Finally there's like a long weekend for me to have a good rest from work.

Here's a little short update on what I did this week!

Mookata for dinner with colleagues on Monday
I look hideous in the group photo so I'm not going to post it. :P

Chikuwa Tei with Mr. Ming and friends on Wednesday after work!
The sashimi is really thick and yummy!

Salmon. (:

After dinner I went to stay overnight at Joey's place and I accidentally zap his dog
Look at his evil aura! Like he's gonna shoot beam on me!

Had a short gathering with west peeps on Thursday!

Went to JB with my cousins on Friday!

Milk Waffle Ice Cream with Strawberry bits (:

Vanilla Crispy cream puff from KSL. Super yummy!!!

That's all (:
Miss me! Bye~ ^-^/