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Monday, July 8, 2013

Jane and Vance's farewell!

Hey all~

Work has been alright so far and last Friday was Jane's farewell!
Here's a picture of our B4 and B6 team (:
*Sorry for my fat face* lol

A photo with Jane. Haha

My colleagues are all quite nice and all the girls can eat a lot but not fat -_-
5.30pm is like the unofficial snack time so during lunch time they would buy some snacks to share with everyone at 5.30pm. I'm kind of worried that I would get even more fatter in a few months time. Lol

On Sunday, we had a farewell party/celebration for Vance as he's leaving to our Hong Kong branch office to work so we had a small gathering at Jane's place.

Some of us went for Karaoke sessions while the rest went for Mahjong sessions before the BBQ

Here's some photo I took!

After Karaoke, we went to meet up with the rest for BBQ!
Did not took any photos cos I changed my clothes, looked kinda ugly. Hahahaha

Ok, here's a photo of me before I end this post.


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