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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Got a job!

Don't steal my nut away~!!!

Sorry for the fillers. Haha
Was busy these 2 weeks as I had started working (Yes, like finally I found job) and have to work OT.
Kind of sad but can't help it. 

The government plans to achieve a work-life balance but I think it is not possible because I've seen my colleagues all working for like a whole day on a Saturday. (It's their own time of course) Lol.

Anyway, I need you all to help me for this.
Please vote for me in this Acnes' Ulzzang Contest!
You will have to like their page first,
Under the contest page, click on Gallery tab and look for me (picture above)!
You can vote 3 times a day, up to you if you want to help to vote for me everyday :P
Thanks for the help!


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