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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Get V Face with Bio-essence!

Hey all!

I'm sure you all have heard of the V-Face face lifting cream by Bio-essence.

If you've not, Bio-essence has recently launched the new Bio-essence Royal Jelly V Face 3 Treasures!

So here are the 3 treasures:
1. Radiant Youth Essence
2. Face Lifting Cream
3. Deep Exfoliating Gel.

The new series now comes with Royal Jelly which has anti-ageing properties! 

Below is a short description of each product before I proceed to my reviews.

Radiant Youth Essence
The Radiant Youth Essence contains 95% green tea extract which provides superior anti-oxidant property to protect the skin against signs of ageing . It also helps to nourish the skin, keeping skin smooth and supple.

Face Lifting Cream
The Face Lifting Cream provides 8 marvelous benefits for younger looking skin:
1. Lifts facial contours
2. Firms sagging skin
3. Reduce double skin
4. Contract pores & refines skin
5. Reduce appearance of ageing line
6. Deeply nourishes & moisturizes skin
7. Reduce visible fine lines & wrinkles
8. Shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm

Deep Exfoliating Gel
The Deep exfoliating gel helps to remove dead skins cells, blackheads and oil for better absorption of skin care products. Not only that, it also helps to improve the skin texture and brightens the skin, giving the skin a softer and smoother touch.

I did a swatch on these 3 products as seen below.

Deep Exfoliating Gel
As it name says, it has a gel-like texture that glides onto the skin easily. It is different from scrub because this product doesn't have beads in it, instead, by gently rubbing the gel onto the skin in circular motions, small flakes of dirt will appear. That is the dead skin cells and dirt that are accumulated in our skin.
After using this product, I feel that it doesn't dry out my skin as compared to the other exfoliating gel and is suitable for daily use. However, it does have a weird smell which I believe it is the smell of the royal jelly. Haha.

Radiant Youth Essence
As you can see in the picture, it is in a liquid form, more like oil. At first I find that this product is very oil, like I'm literally applying oil to my skin. However I am quite amazed that the liquid gets absorbed to the skin rather quickly. I find that this product is the best among the other 2 due to it's moisturizing properties and it doesn't break me out but again, this product has a weird smell too. Haha

Face Lifting Cream
The cream has a thick creamy texture and smells nice. It is really difficult to apply onto the skin because of the texture. After applying the cream, I would feel a little tingling sensation on my skin which is normal. The results are seen after about 5 to 10 minutes, and it's about 1-2 cm (0.5~1cm on each side) slimmer for my face. However the results does not last for very long.

Yup (:
If you would like to try the products, I would recommend the Radiant Youth Essence!
I think it would be very helpful for people with dry skin, and it even works for people with oily/combination skin like myself. (:

Hope the review helps!

Oh and before I end this post, do visit the Bio-essence Facebook Page to play the "Unlock your Feminine Charm" game and stand to win daily prizes. Link Below:

Good luck!

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