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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feast like Kings at The King Louis!

Hey everyone!

Father's day is around the corner? Do you guys have any plans for it?
Read more below to what I have to recommend (:

I was invited over for a feast at The King Louis. by Danielle and so I brought Kife and CE along with me (:
It was my second time there, the first time was with my classmates and we were there because of some lunch express promotion :P

I know I look fat but please look at the tiger instead.


The restaurant has a old castle theme with the metal knight costume (is that what you call it?)
Danielle recommended us a few of the menu items but we couldn't decide on one since all of them look yummy~~ So she chose for us instead.

First up was their Signature Mushroom soup! I had this the last time as well and I swear it was (and IS still) really really good.
The texture is very thick and creamy and I can literally bite the bits of mushroom.

There was also Pumpkin Soup but I am not a fan of pumpkin soup, so I find it a little bit sweet~ :X

Next up was our drinks! We had three different cocktails.
R21 Ribena

Sex on the Boardwalk

Something special

This is my favourite out of the 3! They mix apple cider with some syrup to create this cocktail and it's really something special. Hehe (:

For appetizer, we had the teriyaki chicken salad.

Personally I don't really enjoy salad because I find that salads have too much vegetables and too little meat, but this is really nice! It has a good mixture of both and the teriyaki chicken really blend in well with the salad. (:

Platter C!

Platter C is the best seller among the other platters. It comes with castle drumlets, banana bacon bites, golden calamari, prawn twisters & cripsy wedges.

I find that banana bacon sounds kind of weird at first but I was wrong!
It has a unique taste. A combination of sweet and savory taste, not too sweet and not too salty.

Okay so we're having some small sides and appetizer and they're already that yummy, BUT it's still not the main yet! We were already half full from it but left the other half for the big feast!

So finally it comes the Knight Lancelot (Meat & Seafood)!

Peace to yummy food! (:

They call this the banquet because it is like a mixture of a few different main course. There's the fish, chicken, beef, prawn, potatoes, veges and salad and fruits, a mixture of all (:
The Knight Lancelot is suitable for 4-5pax so it is very suitable for families to dine there.
 What I really like about this banquet is that sometimes when I'm spoiled with choices, I can't decide on what to eat, so this is really good for me where I can have a few of the different main without having to order one by one. The best was the Oven baked King Prawns with Australian Cheese! The cheese really adds a unique taste to the prawn which I can't really explain. All of you should come down to try it yourself.

Oh, and not to forget, there was also live music and it was really awesome. We did not notice there was live music there because it really sounds so perfect like it came out of the radio or the music player. Haha.

The last item we ordered was Signature Premium BBQ Baby Back Ribs - Half

The ribs is really tender but I feel that it's a little bit dry as there is very little sauce and the fries is really thick and crunchy (:

Father's Day is approaching and I believe the best you can do is to bring your dad to feast like Kings!
The King Louis has a special Father's Day Banquet for all fathers out there!

Okay, so here comes the interesting part.
I was given some vouchers for dining at The King Louis, and so I'll be giving them to you all (:
There will be 3 lucky winners, each winner will be given:
Two $20 dining vouchers at The King Louis and,
Two Free Gourmet Coffee at the Queens Dessert Cafe Bistro (sister cafe!)

To win this, simply LIKE this photo on my Facebook page (link below) and comment "me!" to win!

Click on this link to enter:
As simple as that (:

The King Louis Grill & Bar
Address:  1 Habourfront Walk, Vivocity, #03-07A S098585 (Beside Daiso)
Facebook page:

Do check out their sister page below too!

Thank you for reading and Happy Father's Day! (:

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