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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seafood dinner at Turf City!

Hey all!

Sorry for the filler photo :X

Anyway, I went to Turf City for dinner with my friends last night.
It's been about quite a few years since I've been there which I think that was when I was really little.

So the place had really changed a lot and much better now with all the weird/unique/whatever shops there and the interior design looks like a mini universal studio. Haha

Anyway, we had seafood for dinner!
It was a Japanese restaurant where they had live lobsters, crabs and all placed like a wet market (an atas, air-conditioned one). Hahaha

Here's what we ordered!
Some sushis~

Flying fish! The chef said it was a different grade of salmon.
We had this fish chopped up and the portion was kind of little~

This is really really nice and fresh but too little for us! ):

Mixture of seafood.
There's clams, prawns, oysters and the long bamboo looking which I can't remember the name.
The oysters are the nicest, second would be the bamboo looking clam?

There was no rice, noodles and all ): 
Felt kind of cheated because it was quite expensive but the food are really fresh. ^-^

I shall end this post with another two filler photos of Pudding!
She's a batster~ Part-time batwoman! Haha

Hamkey! Part-time monkey~
She had a toilet sand stuck on her nose. Hahaha


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