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Monday, May 27, 2013


Hey all~

This is Pudding, my Syrian hamster (:

It's a she, and she's about 7 months old.
Pudding is really timid and get scared of almost everything. Lol
I went to poke her and she gave me this look this morning. Hahaha

This is her curious look.

Frozen look

Pudding is my first Syrian hamster and she's really big as compared to my other hamsters.
I used to think Syrian hamsters are huge and ugly but now I think they're kind of cute actually.

Anyway she's always trying to escape and there was once she managed to escape out of her tank!
Instead of hiding somewhere in a corner, she ran from the kitchen to my mummy in her bedroom and my mum freaked out because she thought it was a cockroach or something.
My mum then called me and told me about it. Hahahaha too adorable!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seafood dinner at Turf City!

Hey all!

Sorry for the filler photo :X

Anyway, I went to Turf City for dinner with my friends last night.
It's been about quite a few years since I've been there which I think that was when I was really little.

So the place had really changed a lot and much better now with all the weird/unique/whatever shops there and the interior design looks like a mini universal studio. Haha

Anyway, we had seafood for dinner!
It was a Japanese restaurant where they had live lobsters, crabs and all placed like a wet market (an atas, air-conditioned one). Hahaha

Here's what we ordered!
Some sushis~

Flying fish! The chef said it was a different grade of salmon.
We had this fish chopped up and the portion was kind of little~

This is really really nice and fresh but too little for us! ):

Mixture of seafood.
There's clams, prawns, oysters and the long bamboo looking which I can't remember the name.
The oysters are the nicest, second would be the bamboo looking clam?

There was no rice, noodles and all ): 
Felt kind of cheated because it was quite expensive but the food are really fresh. ^-^

I shall end this post with another two filler photos of Pudding!
She's a batster~ Part-time batwoman! Haha

Hamkey! Part-time monkey~
She had a toilet sand stuck on her nose. Hahaha


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm

Hey all!

Had been busy with work lately, getting tired and all.

Anyway, I'm back with another product review for the Mentholatum Deep Moist lip balm.
Lip balm are really useful for everyone, especially people like me who have really dry lips. I always apply lots of it before bed to prevent my lips from cracking. Anyway lip balm are so small and compact that there is no excuse not to bring one.

Mentholatum Deep Moist lip balm now comes with a new packaging.

From my past experience, I've been using Mentholatum's lip balm for quite some time now and usually they are kind of liquidy, like it gives an oily/shiny look which I don't really like it.

This product looks like a glue stick. Ha-ha
Anyway it looks kind of good with the new packaging.

Back to the review, I've tried this lip balm and I would say it is really moisturizing and at the same time it gives a matte finish which I really like it and it's suitable for guys and girls too. The lip balm kinds of stays there for quite some time as well so it's good that I do not have to re-apply it often (:

I think lip balm is a MUST product for everyone especially for people who stay in-door with the air conditioner turned on, it can get really dry sometimes. As for me, I have really dry lips so every night I would apply quite a bit of it before going to bed or else I might get dry and cracked lips. ):

Mentholatum Deep Moist lip balm is definitely a must try product! Do let me know how you find it after using this.

Peace~ /< ^-^