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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taipei Trip Day 3


For the 3rd day, we had breakfast at the hotel as usual proceed to go to Yang Ming Shan to see Cherry Blossom!

Candid. Giving the evil smile :X

So basically we reached the place and started climbing for the longest time in my life.
My friend didn't mention that it will be very far and I'm literally perspiring in the winter -_-

Oh here's a group photo of us.

Cherry Blossom (:

We're kind of unlucky because the most of the cherry blossom have already dropped off. Lol

No idea what they're trying to do.

After about an hour plus we found a place near a restaurant that has nice scenery so we decided to take lots of pictures there. (:

Jump shot! Lol.


We stopped climbing after awhile and proceed to our new destination, Beitou for hot spring!
While we're on our way there, our driver stopped at the road side to show us something!

Tadaaa, the real hot spring! We can literally see the water boiling.
It has a really pungent smell but still bearable for me.

I can't remember where we went for hot spring but I definitely do not recommend public hot spring because there are LOTS of aunties and uncles there. At first we thought it would be good to go to a public hot spring to blend together with the locals but the public ones are quite dirty so we end up going to some decent hot spring place and took a private room instead. Lol.

After that we went back to Ximending for a little walk and back to our hotel for some Saboteur game before ending the night!

Till then~

Byebye ^.^

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